San­ta pa­rade a holiday hit in Hud­son


It was a beau­ti­ful day for a pa­rade Sun­day when the an­nual Hud­son San­ta Claus Pa­rade went

off wi­thout a hitch.

Nu­me­rous floats made their way down Main St. on Dec. 4 —CHRISTIMAS PA­RADE as thou­sands of spec­ta­tors who were li­ning both sides of the road wat­ched. Pa­rade or­ga­ni­zers were trea­ted to an ear­ly holiday gift from Mo­ther Na­ture in the form of a brilliant­ly sun­ny af­ter­noon, with win­ter temps on­ly dip­ping in­to the low single di­gits. Com­mu­ni­ty groups such as Girl Guides, Scouts and Hud­son’s Le Pont Brid­ging Food Bank mar­ched in the pa­rade, while more than a do­zen vin­tage trucks, mi­ni ve­hicles, scoo­ters, and more, from se­ve­ral Sh­rine clubs in Mon­treal, Corn­wall, Ont. and beyond, ac­coun­ted for a large por­tion of the pa­rade contin­gent. Spec­ta­tors were trea­ted to hot cho­co­late at the Hud­son Com­mu­ni­ty Centre fol­lo­wing the event.


San­ta Claus’s float was the last in the pa­rade and the high­light for ea­ger spec­ta­tors.

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