Sweet po­ta­to cas­se­role a must


I’m an ad­mit­ted­ly —RECIPE sen­ti­men­tal per­son, thus tra­di­tion­sa­re­se­con­don­ly­tos­pen­ding qua­li­ty, stress-free time with my hus­band and kids at this time of year. Strict­ly res­pec­ted ho­li­day tra­di­tions in our home in­clude gif­ting our now young adult kids with­new­pa­ja­ma­sea­chCh­rist­mas Eve, and ga­the­ring to read Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Ch­rist­mas, which­my­bro­ther­sand I did as chil­dren. Andw­he­nit­co­mes­to­ma­kingthe ho­li­day meal, my kids are as sen­ti­men­ta­lasI,mea­ningI­ma­kethe sa­me­food­se­ve­ryyear.One­fa­vou­rite that has stood the test of time is Grand­ma Cle­ta’s Sweet Po­ta­to Cas­se­role.Gro­win­gu­pinF­lo­ri­da, I can’t re­mem­ber a time when this de­li­cious cas­se­role wasn’t in­clu­ded in eve­ry Ame­ri­can Thanks­gi­vin­gandCh­rist­mas­din­ner. Since co­ming to Ca­na­da 25 year­sa­go,ithas­be­co­me­the­same ho­li­days­taple.And­sin­ce­the­ho­li­days are about gi­ving, my gift is sha­ring Grand­ma Cle­ta Parker’s fa­mous­re­ci­pein­ho­pes­tha­tit­will start­new­tra­di­tion­si­nyou­rhome:

SWEET PO­TA­TO CAS­SE­ROLE Pre­heat oven to 375 de­grees F. 4 large sweet po­ta­toes, pee­led and cut in­to large chunks

3/4 cup su­gar

2 eggs

6 Tbs. but­ter, sof­te­ned to room tem­pe­ra­ture

1 cup milk - 1 tsp. salt

1 tsp va­nilla - 2 1/2 tsp. cin­na­mon *Place pee­led, cut sweet po­ta­to pieces in a large pot with a tight fit­ting lid. Add 4 cups wa­ter and sim­mer un­til a fork in­ser­ted in­to the po­ta­toes comes out ea­si­ly. Drain and al­low po­ta­toes to co­ol un­co­ve­re­da­bout20mi­nutes.Add next se­ven in­gre­dients and mix by hand, or with an elec­tric mixer un­til ve­ry smooth. Pour in­to a grea­sed 9x13 pan. Bake 20 25 mi­nutes.


1 1/2 cups cru­shed corn­flakes ce­real

6 Tbs. but­ter sof­te­ned to room tem­pe­ra­ture

1/2 cup brown su­gar

1/2 cup chop­ped wal­nuts or pe­cans (op­tio­nal)

Mix in­gre­dients to­ge­ther un­til well blen­ded. Spread even­ly over co­oked sweet po­ta­toes. Bake at 375 F. 10 - 12 mi­nutes, or un­til topping is toas­ted. Serve and en­joy!


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