CSJ pro­gram of­fe­ring sub­si­dy


Small bu­si­ness —SUMMER JOBS ow­ners and non-pro­fit or­ga­ni­za­tions are being en­cou­ra­ged to hire stu­dents this summer with help from the fe­de­ral go­vern­ment un­der its Ca­na­da Summer Jobs, CSJ, pro­gram. Ap­pli­ca­tions for fe­de­ral fun­ding will be ac­cep­ted un­til Ja­nua­ry 20, 2017. And those cho­sen can hire young youths star­ting as ear­ly as April.

Un­der the CSJ pro­gram, pu­blic-sec­tor em­ployers and small bu­si­nesses with 50 or fe­wer em­ployees can re­ceive up to 50 percent of the mi­ni­mum hour­ly wage, while non-pro­fit em­ployers can re­ceive up to 100 percent, as well as em­ploy­ment-re­la­ted costs.

The pro­gram will give prio­ri­ty to ap­pli­cants fo­cu­sed on the fol­lo­wing go­vern­ment iden­ti­fied prio­ri­ties: Em­ployers or pro­grams wel­co­ming and hel­ping im­mi­grants set­tle in Ca­na­da; em­ployers or groups hi­ring In­di­ge­nous people; em­ployers in the Science, Tech­no­lo­gy, En­gi­nee­ring and Ma­the­ma­tics (STEM) and In­for­ma­tion and Communications Tech­no­lo­gy (ICT) sec­tors; em­ployers in­vol­ved in ac­ti­vi­ties ce­le­bra­ting Ca­na­da’s 150th an­ni­ver­sa­ry of Con­fe­de­ra­tion; small bu­si­nesses trying to be­come in­no­va­tive, com­pe­ti­tive and suc­cess­ful in the crea­tion of new jobs. Em­ployers can sub­mit ap­pli­ca­tion on­line at Ca­na­da.ca/Ca­na­da-sum­mer­jobs web­site un­til Ja­nua­ry 20.

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