Unique yo­ga class com­bines mas­sage with an­cient prac­tice

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If adop­ting a heal­thier li­fe­style and trying to re­duce stress is a goal in the New Year, a new type of yo­ga class now being of­fe­red in the region by a Saint-La­zare yo­ga tea­cher might be just the thing to get you going in the right di­rec­tion. “It’s not tra­di­tio­nal mas­sage as much as an in­vi­ta­tion

to re­lax.”

Her hus­band en­cou­ra­ged her to take the idea and cus­to­mize it to her li­king. A dan­cer by trai­ning, Ca­dieux said she “cho­reo­graphs” each class.

“Yin speaks to me so when I see people just let­ting go of the stress we all hold on to, that’s such a gift,” she said, ad­ding, “Yin mas­sage puts two of my fa­vou­rite things to­ge­ther.”

She said the ex­pe­rience has brought some par­ti­ci­pants to tears.

“They come up to me af­ter and say it’s exact­ly what they nee­ded.”


The ex­pe­rience, which I tried one snowy night at Phy­si­cal Park’s Stu­dio 462 in Hud­son, be­gins like a tra­di­tio­nal yin class. Par­ti­ci­pants quiet­ly un­roll their yo­ga mats in the pret­ty, dim­ly lit stu­dio, then set­tle in. Ca­deiux be­gins the class by en­cou­ra­ging par­ti­ci­pants to fo­cus on brea­thing deep, cal­ming breaths. She then leads them in­to gentle stretches, of­fe­ring sug­ges­tions for dif­fe­ring abi­li­ties. The two-hour long class that I tried of­fe­red the ser­vices of one pro­fes­sio­nal mas­seuse per each six yo­ga par­ti­ci­pants. “I crea­ted my class so that each par­ti­ci­pant will be tou­ched du­ring the for­ward folds. The mas­seuse uses gentle pres­sure and touch to help ease you a lit­tle fur­ther, if that’s what your bo­dy wants to do,” Ca­dieux ex­plai­ned.

Each mas­seuse - there were four for the class I took - speaks with their par­ti­ci­pants be­fore the class be­gins in or­der to find out if there are any health is­sues, as well as the type of pres­sure pre­fer­red. And par­ti­ci­pants are en­cou­ra­ged to speak up if a mas­seuse is not connec­ting with them. “It is a ve­ry spe­cia­li­zed tech­nique to mas­sage so­meone who is in a pos­ture so people should give feed­back. If a bo­dy has li­mi­ta­tions while hol­ding a stretch, the mas­sage can help you re­lax in­to the poses,” Ca­dieux no­ted. “It’s not tra­di­tio­nal mas­sage as much as an in­vi­ta­tion to re­lax.” Ca­dieux has al­rea­dy ta­ken the po­pu­lar idea, which of­ten sells out when a new class is an­noun­ced, to the next le­vel. She’s de­ve­lo­ped “de­luxe” classes to coin­cide with Valentine’s Day which re­duce the ra­tio of par­ti­ci­pants from six to four for each one mas­seuse.

Ca­dieux will teach her next yin yo­ga mas­sage course on Jan 20 at Ido­lem yo­ga stu­dio in Vau­dreuil. The “de­luxe” Valentine’s classes will take place on Feb. 12 at Phy­si­cal Park Stu­dio 462 in Hud­son, and on Feb. 12 at Ido­lem. To learn more go to to her Fa­ce­book Page Chan­ti’s Yo­ga https://www.fa­ce­book.com/Chan­tisYo­ga.



Chan­tal Ca­dieux leads a yin yo­ga class at Stu­dio 462 in Hud­son.

A mas­seuse works on a yo­ga par­ti­ci­pant du­ring a class, hel­ping them re­lax fur­ther in­to each pose.

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