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Cha­gall Co­lour and Mu­sic will be run­ning at the Mon­treal Mu­seum of Fine Arts from

Ja­nua­ry 28-June 11, 2017. Cha­gall is one of the most im­por­tant po­pu­lar modern ar­tists and al­though he flir­ted with Cu­bism, Fau­vism, Su­pre­ma­tism and Sur­rea­lism he al­ways in the end re­tur­ned to re­pre­sen­ta­tio­nal and nar­ra­tive art.

As the name sug­gests the ex­hi­bi­tion takes a look at how mu­sic in­fluen­ced Cha­gall's work. Mu­sic played an im­por­tant role in Cha­gall's life as an ar­tist. He de­si­gned the sets for ope­ras The Ma­gic Flute and Daph­nis and Chloe as well as the bal­lets Ale­ko and The Fi­re­bird.

It al­so played a large part in his pain­ted work. The ex­hi­bi­tion consists of 400 works in­clu­ding pain­tings, sculp­tures, ma­quettes, gouaches, stai­ned glass win­dows, pho­to­graphs, films, cos­tumes and pup­pets. Ma­ny of these ob­jects have not been seen by the ge­ne­ral pu­blic.

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