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The Win­ni­peg Art Gal­le­ry is ce­le­bra­ting spring by ta­king a leaf from the Mu­seum of Fine Arts Bos­ton and the Min­nea­po­lis Art Ins­ti­tute by sta­ging an Art in Bloom contest

from April 20-23, 2017. Both Ame­ri­can mu­seums run contests in which flo­ral de­si­gners at­tempt to re­create flo­ral still lifes held in the mu­seums' col­lec­tions and now WAG is doing the same.

To help ce­le­brate Art in Bloom 2017 the mu­seum is ex­hi­bi­ting Nature Rear­ran­ged: A Cen­tu­ry of Still life run­ning from Fe­brua­ry

18 through in­to May. Some of the still lifes will be by Marc Cha­gall, Lio­nel Le­moine Fitz­ge­rald, Ivan Eyre and Wan­da Koop to name but a few.

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