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Test your knowl­edge about botan­i­cal latin by an­swer­ing true or false to the fol­low­ing ques­tions. 1. The Latin name of a plant is im­por­tant. 2. Carl von Linne de­vel­oped the bi­no­mial sys­tem of plant names in 1753. 3. Alba, lu­teus, pur­pureus and rosea all re­fer to colours. 4. If you need small shrubs, look for plants with nana in the name. 5. If you pre­fer na­tive species, favour the spe­cific ep­i­thet canaden­sis. 6. Rubrum, coc­cineus and amur all re­fer to the colour red. 7. Rosa ru­gosa is so-named be­cause it is hardy or rugged. 8. Plants with the spe­cific ep­i­thet sylvestris were dis­cov­ered by the Ital­ian monk Sylvester. 9. A plant with of­fic­i­nalis in its name is the true species. 10. The spe­cific ep­i­thet rep­tans means “creep­ing”, like a rep­tile. Find an­swers on page 47

Is this Cal­en­dula of­fic­i­nalis the only true marigold?

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