Condo owner wants 6-foot fence re­moved

Kate Reeves says struc­ture was not in blue­prints

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They say good fences make good neigh­bours, but Kate Reeves whole­heart­edly dis­agrees.

The Cal­gary woman lives on the ground floor of First Con­do­mini­ums in East Vil­lage and since she moved in, she’s been lob­by­ing to get the fence in front of her win­dow taken down.

“I wanted to be on the main floor so I’d have a door and be con­nected to the streetscape and the out­side,” Reeves said. “Eyes on the street, meet your neigh­bours – that sort of thing.”

She said the images pre­sented in sales pic­tures showed a small ledge around the prop­erty, not the six-foot high wooden fence that now pre­vents her from see­ing the street, and blocks sun­light from get­ting into her unit.

She said con­trac­tors were putting up the fence the day she did the walk­through of her unit. Reeves con­tacted the builder in hopes of get­ting it re­moved, but he sug­gested go­ing through the condo board.

“I didn’t want to take pos­ses­sion,” said Reeves.

“In fact I didn’t move in for two months be­cause I was so up­set.”

Reeves said at the May condo board AGM, she brought up the idea of let­ting each condo owner de­cide if they want a fence, or at what height, in front of their ground-floor con­dos. She said the vast ma­jor­ity of the mem­bers voted in favour of that sug­ges­tion.

How­ever in June, the condo board, which has fi­nal say, said no to a fence re­moval.

The first board of direc­tors pro­vided Metro with a writ­ten re­sponse.

“While we re­spect Kate’s po­si­tion and appreciate the ef­fort she has put in, due to the on­go­ing con­struc­tion next door and the use of the ease­ment for con­struc­tion pur­poses, we have de­cided to re­visit this mat­ter af­ter con­struc­tion of Alt Ho­tel is com­pleted and the in­ter­face of the podium units with the ease­ment can be re-eval­u­ated.”

Reeves said her neigh­bours on ei­ther side are also keen to get the fence taken down, but they’re renters and are wait­ing to see how it goes for her.

“I thought it would be sim­ple to get it down be­cause it looks so funny,” she said.

She in­vited her neigh­bours into her unit on neigh­bour day to see the view with the fence and en­joy some straw­berry short­cake.


Kate Reeves is try­ing to have the six-foot fence in front of her East Vil­lage con­do­minium re­moved for Neigh­bour Day.

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