Make your home of­fice a cre­ative haven

Thurs­day, Au­gust 31, 2017 Your work space should bring you joy, says Pea­cock


De­sha Pea­cock be­lieves that every­one should have space at home where they can do the work that brings them joy. The au­thor of Cre­ate the Style You Crave on a Bud­get You Can Af­ford: The Sweet Spot Guide to Home Decor has a new book that fo­cuses on workspaces.

“It’s re­ally im­por­tant when you’re do­ing cre­ative work that you have a beau­ti­ful place ... so that can en­hance the work that you’re meant to do,’’ says Pea­cock, who of­fers life­style and small-busi­ness coach­ing through her com­pany, Sweet Spot Style. Her new book is Your Cre­ative Work Space: The Sweet Spot Style Guide to Home Of­fice and Stu­dio Decor.

To of­fer in­spi­ra­tion, she pro­files cre­ative women about the work they do and where they do it. The book is or­ga­nized into chap­ters that in­clude the home of­fice, the stu­dio, work­ing in tiny spaces and work­ing from any­where.

“It takes kind of a spir­i­tual twist to home decor, and how your space can re­ally in­flu­ence your life and your cre­ative work,’’ said Pea­cock, who works from her home in Ver­mont, where she lives with her hus­band and 10-year-old daugh­ter. It’s about be­ing very con­scious about what you’re putting into that space and how you’re de­sign­ing it so it helps you . ... Your space is a di­rect re­flec­tion of what’s go­ing on in your mind. If your space is just com­plete mess and clut­ter, it’s go­ing to be hard for you to fo­cus. But if you have lit­eral space, not full of stuff, then that should clear away some space in your mind so that you can con­cen­trate and al­low the cre­ative en­ergy to come to you. This book is re­ally geared to­ward the cre­ative, but I think the prin­ci­ples ap­ply. If you re­ally dig down deep, I think that cre­ative is a very broad term. You could make an ar­gu­ment that ac­count­ing could be cre­ative. It’s re­ally kind of what you’re in­ter­ested in and what your pas­sion is, and pay­ing at­ten­tion to that. It’s what lights you up. My sweet spot is do­ing cre­ative work that I love and get­ting paid very well for it. The sweet spot space is cre­at­ing a space that al­lows you to be fully who you are. Ev­ery­body in a house­hold needs to have a sweet spot nook or some little place in their house that’s theirs, whether it’s a whole room or whether it’s a cor­ner or whether it’s just a little piece of a wall. It al­lows more free­dom to cre­ate and it just al­lows you to feel, well, free. The main thing for ev­ery­body, re­gard­less of what you’re do­ing, is light. Sun­light is re­ally im­por­tant. If you can’t have nat­u­ral light­ing, then use good lights that aren’t flu­o­res­cent, and lights that can ac­tu­ally en­hance your mood, and mir­rors be­cause mir­rors re­flect light. The word of­fice im­plies work and drudgery, and so for me, I would like to change the con­cept of work as be­ing hard to work as be­ing fun.

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