Ques­tions in haunted house in­jury

At­trac­tion left woman with a cut re­quir­ing stitches

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Scream­fest of­fi­cials are still un­sure what could have pierced a woman through the leg (re­quir­ing stitches) in one of their haunted houses.

Cal­gar­ian Martha Walt said she was mak­ing her way through the Bates Mo­tel haunted house at Scream­fest on Thurs­day evening last week when a hy­draulic prop ac­ti­vated and cut her leg just above the knee.

“I didn’t re­al­ize I was cut right away, be­cause it’s a huge adrenalin rush and its re­ally dark — all I knew was that it was very painful,” Walt ex­plained. “By the time I got out of the house the pain was se­vere. I looked down and I saw that I had been cut.”

From there Walt tried to seek out a staff mem­ber for help, and was told to find one of the se­cu­rity guards wear­ing an orange vest. Un­able to find one, Walt de­cided to head to the emer­gency room, where she was given stitches and a te­tanus shot, and told to keep off the leg.

Jan­neane Wutzke, gen­eral man­ager of Scream­fest, said any in­jury in one of their at­trac­tions is a con­cern, so she got in touch with Walt the next night to get de­tails of the in­ci­dent.

Wutzke said she used those de­tails with a safety of­fi­cer to check out the haunted house and de­ter­mined Walt was re­fer­ring to an old suit­case prop that is con­nected to a sen­sor, that causes the suit­case to lift up and re­veal a scare fake head.

How­ever, Wutzke said the scare does not have any sharp ob­jects or even suit­case buck­les at­tached to it, mak­ing it un­clear what caused the in­jury. She added that they don’t use sharp ob­jects in their at­trac­tions, and any­thing shaped like a spike would usu­ally be made out of rub­ber.

“We have to pass a safety in­spec­tion be­fore we can open to the pub­lic,” Wutzke said.

Scream­fest staff have in­vited Walt to walk through the haunted house to bet­ter de­ter­mine how the in­jury oc­curred. Walt said it’s dif­fi­cult to make it out right away, as she’s been told to keep off the leg, and she has an in­fant at home to care for.

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the hy­draulics be­hind this prop are sus­pected to have caused the cut, but Scream­fest of­fi­cials are still in­ves­ti­gat­ing how.

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