Beguil­ing Menorca

Lo­cals say Menorca can be re­duced to three words: water, fire and stone. Here’s a quick look at Menorca and its vi­brant cities, Ma­hon and Ci­u­tadella, at a time of year when you just might have them to your­self.

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The an­cient Phoeni­cians called it “Nura,” or the Is­land of Fire. Leg­end has it that pass­ing sailors saw bon­fires built along the south­ern cliffs, which the orig­i­nal in­hab­i­tants used to sig­nal each other. The fol­low­ing mil­len­nia brought ever more vis­i­tors and in­vaders, in­clud­ing the Greeks, Moors, French and Catalans, but no out­side cul­ture has left a more last­ing stamp than the Bri­tish. They ruled the is­land in­ter­mit­tently dur­ing the 18th cen­tury and moved the cap­i­tal to Ma­hon from Ci­u­tadella, which had been founded be­fore the Ro­mans ar­rived but was de­stroyed in the 16th cen­tury by the Turks.

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