Naked sus­pects may have sipped trippy tea

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The peo­ple charged in a bizarre naked kid­nap­ping that ended in a car crash may have un­know­ingly drank some hal­lu­cino­genic tea over break­fast, says a rel­a­tive.

RCMP have re­leased few de­tails about what hap­pened Mon­day just be­fore 10 a.m. in the com­mu­nity of Nisku, just south of Ed­mon­ton.

Three adults have been charged with kid­nap­ping and re­sist­ing ar­rest. The mat­ter was in court for the first time Thurs­day.

No one was hurt, but the case has made head­lines around the world.

The rel­a­tive said he wants ev­ery­one to know the ac­cused are not bad peo­ple. They just had some trippy tea.

“It’s ab­so­lutely crazy,’’ said the man, who can­not be named due to a court pub­li­ca­tion ban pro­tect­ing the iden­tity of youths in­volved in the case.

“It’s a scary thought think­ing, ‘Oh, let’s try this tea that we pur­chased.’ And then all sit down think­ing they’re just go­ing to have a nice morn­ing and end up in that cir­cum­stance.’’

He told The Cana­dian Press that his two daugh­ters, who are 13 and 15, and his ex-wife were hav­ing break­fast with two friends — a man and his wife. The man had re­cently trav­elled over­seas and brought back some tea from In­dia. The rel­a­tive did not know the name of the tea.

That kicked off the “whole crazy spell,’’ he said.

Moun­ties have said a man, woman and baby were forced against their will from a home in Le­duc County into a BMW. In­side the car were five naked peo­ple. While the car was be­ing driven, the ab­ducted man, who was in the trunk, man­aged to es­cape. The woman and her baby then man­aged to get away.

The trio were picked up by a passerby, but his work truck was rammed from be­hind by the car.

When of­fi­cers ar­rived, they pulled out the five naked peo­ple. The adults, who are 27, 30 and 35, were ar­rested, but the teens were not charged.

The rel­a­tive said he laughed about the case when he heard it on the news, then was shocked to learn that his strait­laced daugh­ters were in­volved.

“I was just like what the heck?’’

He vis­ited his youngest girl in hos­pi­tal, who had been taken with some of the other sus­pects for treat­ment.

They don’t re­mem­ber what hap­pened, the man said.

“What­ever po­tency that stuff had ob­vi­ously is mak­ing it so it’s just a big blur,’’ he said, adding blood tests were also taken at the hos­pi­tal.

“Noth­ing came back like il­licit drugs, so they fig­ure it may have been some type of herbal drug or some­thing.’’

He said the three peo­ple who were forced from their homes — a man, his daugh­ter and her sixweek-old baby — are also fam­ily friends and aren’t hold­ing any grudges. They prob­a­bly opened their door that morn­ing try­ing to help, he sug­gested.

He also be­lieves the car rammed the truck be­cause the tea made those in­side think the fam­ily had been ab­ducted by the truck driver — not the other way around.

“They were un­der the im­pres­sion that they were saving that guy and the woman and the lit­tle girl.’’

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