Make no mis­take, Jones won here

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The Show: Sun­day Night with Megyn Kelly, June 18 (NBC) The MO­MENT: The Sandy hook ques­tions

Alex Jones broad­casts to mil­lions of lis­ten­ers daily via his ra­dio show and web­site, In­ Host Megyn Kelly asks him about his re­peated as­ser­tions that the slaugh­ter of chil­dren at Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary School was a hoax.

“I was go­ing as devil’s ad­vo­cate,” Jones says, un­gram­mat­i­cally. Kelly (hold­ing head in hands): “But Alex, the dev­as­tated par­ents, the dead bod­ies that the coro­ner au­top­sied.”

Jones: “They won’t re­lease any of that, that’s un­prece­dented.”

Kelly: “Par­ents de­cided to come out and lie about their dead chil­dren?”

Jones: “I looked at all the an­gles of New­town, and I made my state­ments long be­fore the me­dia picked up on it.”

She presses him more. Fi­nally he says, “I tend to be­lieve that chil­dren prob­a­bly did die there.” Im­me­di­ately fol­lowed by, “But I can see how other peo­ple be­lieve that no­body died there.”

New­town par­ents asked Kelly not to air this seg­ment. Ad­ver­tis­ers pulled out. Kelly ar­gued that it was her jour­nal­is­tic duty to “shine a light” on Jones, since he has the ear of Don­ald Trump. She also has a new show to pro­mote, and a for­mi­da­ble com­peti­tor in 60 Min­utes.

She got her rat­ings. She didn’t go easy on him. And I agree, jour­nal­ists have a duty to pur­sue the truth.

But make no mis­take, Jones won here. You can’t de­bunk some­one who’s re­warded for ly­ing. You can’t ex­pose some­one as a hate-mon­gerer and a truth-per­verter if those are the very things peo­ple lis­ten to him for. You can’t shine a light on a black hole.

Jo­hanna Sch­neller is a me­dia con­nois­seur who ze­roes in on pop-cul­ture mo­ments. She ap­pears Mon­day through Thurs­day.


con­spir­acy the­o­rist Alex Jones never gave a di­rect an­swer when Megyn Kelly pressed him to ad­mit he was wrong in his claim about the shootings. Jimmy Greene and Nelba Mar­quez-greene’s daugh­ter Ana was one of 26 peo­ple killed at the Sandy Hook Ele­men­tary School shoot­ing in 2012. Mar­quez-greene is an­gry about the in­ter­view.

Dur­ing the in­ter­view,

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