Lambo dreams of elec­tric hy­per­cars

Lam­borgh­ini teams up with MIT to de­velop con­cept EV

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Lam­borgh­ini and the Mas­sachusetts In­sti­tute of Tech­nol­ogy have teamed up to cre­ate a wild and fu­tur­is­tic elec­tric hy­per­car con­cept.

Called the Lam­borgh­ini Terzo Mil­len­nio, the con­cept car is a glimpse into the Ital­ian au­tomaker’s fu­ture. Like ev­ery­thing else Lam­borgh­ini does, it’s look­ing for ways to rad­i­cally change how we per­ceive au­to­mo­biles, and in this case, the elec­tri­fi­ca­tion of them.

For the most part, Lam­borgh­ini is shy­ing away from com­mit­ting to elec­tri­fi­ca­tion, and for now, there’s lit­tle rea­son to be- lieve an all-elec­tric Lam­borgh­ini is in the works. But that doesn’t mean the com­pany isn’t think­ing about an elec­tri­fied fu­ture.

Team­ing up with MIT, the Terzo Mil­len­nio is meant to show­case fu­tur­is­tic tech­nol­ogy and this con­cept is packed with ideas straight out of a sci-fi movie. For ex­am­ple, the au­tomaker is work­ing with MIT pro­fes­sors to de­velop a way that su­per­ca­pac­i­tors can both cap­ture and re­lease en­ergy. In ad­di­tion, the team is con­duct­ing re­search on how to build body com­po­nents with car­bon fi­bre nan­otubes that could serve as lithium-ion bat­ter­ies.

Yes, you read that cor­rectly. In­stead of hav­ing heavy bat­ter­ies weigh­ing down an elec­tric car, Lam­borgh­ini’s idea is to build them right into the car­bon fi­bre body. To take it to an­other level, there’s even the idea of mak­ing those nan­otubes self-healing.

Es­sen­tially, the car is able to self-mon­i­tor its car­bon fi­bre struc­ture, with the abil­ity to de­tect any cracks or dam­age. When de­tected, “mi­cro-chan­nels filled with healing chemistries” will ac­tu­ally work on re­pair­ing the struc­ture.

Nat­u­rally, the tech­no­log­i­cal ideas show­cased by the Terzo Mil­len­nio aren’t head­ing to pro­duc­tion any­time soon. But don’t be sur­prised if styling el­e­ments of the con­cept trickle down to fu­ture pro­duc­tion Lam­borgh­ini mod­els.

More im­por­tantly, how­ever, Lam­borgh­ini and MIT are ex­plor­ing the ideas be­ing pre­sented with the con­cept, with Lam­borgh­ini CTO Mau­r­izio Reg­giani go­ing so far as to say, “I can­not tell you when... there are some com­po­nents that are closer to in­dus­tri­al­iza­tion than oth­ers.”

au­to­mo­bili Lam­borgh­ini in col­lab­o­ra­tion with two lab­o­ra­to­ries of the Mas­sachusetts In­sti­tute of tech­nol­ogy marks the first steps of a pos­si­ble fu­ture Lam­borgh­ini elec­tric su­per sports car.

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