A comic take on all that crap men do and women put up with

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THE SHOW: Un­break­able Kimmy Sch­midt, Sea­son 3, Episode 3 (Net­flix) THE MO­MENT: The face-squish Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Jon Hamm) kid­napped Kimmy (El­lie Kem­per) and forced her to marry him. In prison, he now wants a di­vorce so he can marry Wendy (Laura Dern). Kimmy’s room­mate Ti­tus (Ti­tuss Burgess) asks Wendy why in hell she’d want to marry Wayne.

“With Richard I know what I’m get­ting,” Wendy says.

“He won’t cheat on me with my neigh­bour — be­cause he can’t. He can’t scream at me when the Steel­ers lose. He can’t flip my ce­real bowl in my face and call me a dummy.”

“A man flipped ce­real on you?” Ti­tus asks, hands on his face in hor­ror.

“Be­cause now I eat my ce­real at home be­fore I go to the prison,” Wendy bar­rels on.

Ti­tus grips his face so hard the flesh squishes be­tween his hands. Yes­ter­day I wrote about sit­coms de­liv­er­ing a so­cial mes­sage. Here’s an­other one. Jokes here fly thick and fast, both high and low, ev­ery­thing from poop­ing in a body cast to Kimmy’s ap­ply­ing to Roy Cohn Com­mu­nity Col­lege (look him up).

But there’s a steel girder sup­port­ing the far-fetched premise: at heart, this se­ries is about the crap some men pull, and the women who put up with that. Kimmy’s for­mer boss Jac­que­line (Jane Krakowski) is an ex­tro­phy wife awak­en­ing to her mis­takes. Kimmy’s neigh­bour Lil­lian (Carol Kane) only reluc­tantly broke up with (real-life) ac­cused mur­derer Robert Durst (Fred Ar­misen).

Kimmy is the ul­ti­mate baby fem­i­nist, grad­u­ally own­ing and de­fend­ing her self­hood. Un­der the funny, show cre­ator Tina Fey ad­dresses some se­ri­ous … poop.


laura Dern and Ti­tuss Burgess in Kimmy Sch­midt.

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