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Her hair­style in­di­cates she may be a bit hard-headed when pro­cess­ing or be­liev­ing out­side in­for­ma­tion. Her eyes sug­gest that she can be very guarded and skep­ti­cal on oc­ca­sion. Her up­per and lower lips re­veal an abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate freely with­out hold­ing back. The shape of her chin in­di­cates great fol­low-through and com­mit­ment.

Hu­dak’s hair­line in­di­cates he pro­cesses in­for­ma­tion care­fully. His fore­head re­veals a con­tem­pla­tive na­ture with a keen eye and strong at­ten­tion to de­tail. His eye­brows in­di­cate he prefers to pri­mar­ily look at things from his own per­sonal per­spec­tive. The shape of his up­per lip sug­gests he is highly in­tu­itive.

Her fore­head de­notes an open-mind­ed­ness and an abil­ity to gather in­for­ma­tion ef­fi­ciently. The oval shape of her face in­di­cates a strong abil­ity to me­di­ate nat­u­rally with com­pas­sion. This could also be in­ter­preted to in­di­cate bound­less en­ergy and great stamina. The tip of her nose sug­gests that she may be very di­rect when speak­ing her mind.

Schreiner’s fore­head in­di­cates a cre­ative ap­proach re­gard­ing prob­lem-solv­ing tac­tics. Al­though the tilt of the head (to the left) and left eye in­di­cate that he can be emo­tional on oc­ca­sion when deal­ing with cer­tain hot-but­ton is­sues. The tip of his nose sug­gests he is friendly and ap­proach­able. The shape of his chin re­veals his in­nate me­di­at­ing abil­i­ties.

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