Elaine Charal, graphol­o­gist

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Her sig­na­ture is clear and read­able, which sug­gests she is a gen­uine per­son. The loop on her cap­i­tal “K” is a “dancer’s stroke” in­di­cat­ing unique flair: people re­mem­ber her. The high “T-bar” in her first name sug­gests that she will set high goals. The break­away stroke in her “H” con­veys ini­tia­tive.

His sig­na­ture is il­leg­i­ble, which in­di­cates that he tends to be more of a pri­vate per­son. The cap­i­tal “H” in his fam­ily name re­sem­bles an en­closed bub­ble, this is a pro­tec­tive ten­dency that sug­gests a hes­i­tancy to con­fide in just any­one. His “T-bar” moves up­ward re­veal­ing a hid­den op­ti­mism.

An­drea’s first name is leg­i­ble, while her fam­ily name is il­leg­i­ble. This sug­gests that her per­sonal ac­com­plish­ments will be para­mount to her. The tie loops in her cap­i­tal “A” and “H” re­veal her per­sis­tent na­ture. More­over, the cir­cling around her fam­ily name is an­other sign thought to con­vey per­sis­tence.

Only his first name is leg­i­ble, in­di­cat­ing how im­por­tant his per­sonal ac­com­plish­ments are to him. The mid-stroke on his cap­i­tal “M” does not touch the imag­i­nary base­line, in­di­cat­ing his prob­lem-solv­ing abil­i­ties are not al­ways con­sis­tent. All of his “i-dots” are away from his “i-stems,” re­veal­ing a cre­ative imag­i­na­tion.

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