Our can­did in­ter­view with Cana­dian fun­ny­man Jeremy Hotz, per­form­ing at the Sony Cen­tre this month

Comic Jeremy Hotz is so de­pressed he’ll make you joy­ous at the Sony Cen­tre Feb. 11

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Jeremy Hotz, ev­ery­one’s favourite mopey comic, is mak­ing his way back to Canada. The Cana­dian co­me­dian will be bring­ing his In­ter­na­tional Man of Mis­ery tour to the frigid north this Fe­bru­ary. Hotz is an ac­claimed comic who has built a ca­reer on re­lat­able ob­ser­va­tional hu­mour and pok­ing fun at him­self. In ad­di­tion to be­ing a suc­cess­ful standup with many awards and ac­co­lades un­der his belt, Hotz has made ap­pear­ances on both Late Show with David Let­ter­man and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He was also staff writer on The

Daily Show with Jon Ste­wart and has made nu­mer­ous TV and movie ap­pear­ances.

Hotz’s new coast-to-coast tour will take him from New­found­land to Bri­tish Columbia and runs from Feb. 2 to 28. He checks into the Sony Cen­tre on Feb. 11. Post City spoke with Hotz about his tour, what peo­ple can ex­pect from his standup this time around and what makes him the least mis­er­able.

Why tour now? What sparked that de­ci­sion?

Here’s the thing, I’m tour­ing now be­cause it’s the worst time of the year in Canada, and I’m the mis­er­able comic. I just feel like now is the time to go back to Canada and do a big theatre tour. Maybe this win­ter will be nicer than the last one.

How do you stay en­er­gized for a long tour?

Well, I lost a lot of weight is what hap­pened. I knew this was com­ing, so I dragged my lazy ass to the gym, and I lost a good 15 pounds be­cause it is very de­mand­ing be­ing on tour. It’s ba­si­cally get up, do press, get on­stage, get on a plane and do it again.

What can peo­ple ex­pect this time out?

I’m the mis­er­able guy. I’m pro­foundly dis­ap­pointed, so that’s what peo­ple come to the show ex­pect­ing. If you’re mis­er­able, come and see a guy who is more mis­er­able than you. It will make you feel bet­ter about your­self.

Other than mis­er­able, what are two other words you would use to de­scribe your­self?

Pro­foundly dis­ap­pointed?

When are you the least mis­er­able?

Hon­estly, when I’m on my couch and I don’t have to do any­thing. I’m a dude, I re­ally am. I’m not a fluffy guy who goes to the theatre. My fridge is empty. I walk around the house naked. I’m a reg­u­lar guy.

Can we ex­pect any ap­pear­ances by your puppy

Shack­le­ton on the tour?

There’s a chance that maybe he’ll make an ap­pear­ance in Toronto. It de­pends. He’s so young I don’t know. But cer­tainly on the next tour.

What do you miss about Canada when you’re liv­ing in the U.S.?

The peo­ple. Amer­i­cans look like us, but they are com­pletely dif­fer­ent. Look at the whole Trump thing — that would never hap­pen in Canada. Cana­di­ans would never vote for Foghorn Leghorn.

What is the most Cana­dian thing about you?

I’m a Toronto Maple Leafs fan — that’s the most Cana­dian thing about me. And it has also made me pro­foundly dis­ap­pointed.

What are you work­ing on next?

I’m work­ing on var­i­ous TV projects, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. It’s a slow process to make things hap­pen. In the mean­time, come and see my theatre tour be­cause I think I look bet­ter from fur­ther away.

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