Quiz: What Kind of Cat Do You Have?

Playful, shy guy, love bug, party an­i­mal, cham­pion napper, 4: 20 en­thu­si­ast…

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Tally your an­swers to the fol­low­ing

ques­tions to as­sess you cat's per­son­al­ity type—and the kind of toys

and ac­tiv­i­ties best suited to him

1 When you come in the door, your cat:

A. Is near the door, alert and ready to greet you. He has prob­a­bly dragged a favourite toy some­where nearby in the hope that you might in­dulge him in some hunt­ing play­time.

B. Is pay­ing no at­ten­tion to you. She might be in sight, but doesn’t seem to care that you’ve ar­rived. If it’s meal­time, she is loi­ter­ing by the food dishes.

C. Is rub­bing up against your legs in a glee­ful frenzy, al­most caus­ing you to trip as you at­tempt to take off your shoes. You know she has been sit­ting at the door for a good while, and now your black pants are cov­ered in her fur.

D. Is nowhere to be seen. Some­time later that evening you may catch a glimpse of his tail.

2 Your cat’s idea of a good time is:

A. Hav­ing you tease her favourite wand toy out from be­neath the cor­ner of the couch so she can pounce on it when it sud­denly ap­pears. (Our cats love Jack­son Gal­axy's wand toys. Check them out at pet­mate.com/jack­songalaxy)

B. Sleep­ing on the top of his cat tower in be­tween meals. (This cat would love one of Square Paws' unique, cre­ative cat tow­ers; squarepaws.com.)

C. Sit­ting on your lap hav­ing the cud­dle sesh of a life­time. We’re talk­ing the GOOD chin scritches and hearty purrs.

D. Un­wind­ing with some “me time” un­der the bed.

3 When you’re watch­ing TV your cat is:

A. Lightly paw­ing at your face, hop­ing you will no­tice that his toy hasn’t moved in a few min­utes.

B. On the other end of the couch sit­ting like this, dis­mayed about the lack of snacks:

C. Purring up a storm while sit­ting on your chest.

D. Peek­ing her head around the cor­ner and de­cid­ing whether or not to grace you with her pres­ence.

Determ your ine

cat's per­son

al­ity type



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