Tri­cia Helfer—ac­tress, su­per­model, and se­ri­ous cat per­son—an­swers your most press­ing cat ques­tions

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but some­times it’s also the foster cat with the bravado. Just like peo­ple, not all are go­ing to get along. If you de­cide to go ahead, don't just bring the foster cat in and shove the cats in front of each other. (Health checks also need to be done to make sure the foster isn’t bring­ing any­thing in be­fore you in­te­grate them.) Even with an all clear, it's best to keep them sep­a­rate to be­gin with any­way. Sim­ple things like switch­ing the blan­kets/tow­els in one your cat’s area with the blan­kets/tow­els in the foster cat’s room will help the cats get to know each other’s scent be­fore they are face to face. Smell is su­per-im­por­tant for cats. Have you no­ticed, if you have more than one cat, that the oth­ers will hiss at the one you took to the vet? This hap­pens be­cause the cats smell un­fa­mil­iar scents on that cat. Same with a new cat com­ing in—the res­i­dent cats will hiss and growl. There is a cer­tain amount of let­ting cats be cats that has to be al­lowed—they have to do their nat­u­ral dance of fig­ur­ing out who the other one is. Ob­vi­ously

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