How do you sug­gest I deal with hav­ing friends over who are al­ler­gic to cats and/or don’t like them? My cats are like my fam­ily and I don’t feel com­fort­able lock­ing them away, but I also don’t want to make my friends un­com­fort­able. What should I do?

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I've faced this many times. I be­lieve that my house is my house, and my an­i­mals are part of my home, so whomever is com­ing over needs to re­al­ize that. There are peo­ple though that are ter­ri­bly al­ler­gic, and I'm ac­com­mo­dat­ing to them. I will ab­so­lutely put my cats in an­other area of the house, and will vac­uum and so forth. Then there are peo­ple that say they are al­ler­gic, but re­ally aren't; they just don't like an­i­mals. Usu­ally those peo­ple aren't at my house. But, if they are, I look at it like my cats wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily want to be around them ei­ther. Quite a few of my cats don't like vis­i­tors any­way, so lock­ing them away in their safe zone, with food/wa­ter and lit­ter is ac­tu­ally more re­lax­ing for them any­way. Ba­si­cally, if peo­ple are com­ing over and I don't feel I can keep con­trol of the door be­ing opened, or a friend com­ing over who is al­ler­gic, the cats are away safely. If some­one drops by and ex­pects me to “get rid of my cats,” they are the ones that get to go away in­stead.

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