6 Things You Are Do­ing That An­noy Your Cat

Modern Cat - - Front Page - By Lau­ren Cheal

1. Star­ing

Di­rect eye con­tact is per­ceived as a sign of ag­gres­sion be­tween cats, and they can read your lov­ing stare as a sim­i­lar threat. In­stead, give your cat a long slow blink to show your af­fec­tion.

2. Over-pet­ting

Pet­ting stim­u­lates a cat’s ner­vous sys­tem, and while some cats can’t get enough pets, oth­ers have a def­i­nite limit. It’s not that they don’t like you; it’s just that they feel stim­u­lus-over­loaded. If your cat walks away af­ter one or two pets, give them that space and let them come back to you when they are ready. Sen­si­tive cats would pre­fer to be pet on their sides, in­stead of down their spine.

3. Poor Lit­ter Box Place­ment

You want the lit­ter box in the base­ment; your cat wants it in the kitchen. We wish we were jok­ing—your cat wants his lit­ter box right be­side you, like in the kitchen or be­side the couch. Find a mid­dle ground. Hid­ing your cat’s lit­ter box away will only in­crease the chance of im­proper elim­i­na­tion be­hav­iours, so think care­fully about where you put the box. For your cat, the higher traf­fic area, the bet­ter. Find a com­pro­mise you can both live with. Are you guilty of these fe­line faux pas? Read on to find out…

4. Lazy Lit­ter Box Clean­ing

We all get lazy some­times, but keep­ing the lit­ter box clean is an im­por­tant part of be­ing a cat owner. Clean the boxes once a day, reg­u­larly change out and re­fresh the lit­ter, and keep the area around the box un­ob­structed, and you’ll have a happy cat.

5. Cut­ting Off Play­time at the Wrong Mo­ment

When you play with your cat us­ing a wand toy or mouse, you are help­ing her sat­isfy her hunt­ing in­stincts. If you dan­gle the toy in front of your cat, but don’t let her com­plete a “kill,” she’ll be frus­trated and un­sat­is­fied. Read more about how to play with your cat prop­erly in Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider’s ar­ti­cle “The All Im­por­tant Play Se­quence.” Find this must-read at mod­ern­cat.com/play-se­quence.

6. When Your House is Too Dull (for them)

Cats are nat­u­ral climbers—they not only hunt in trees, but also use them to view their do­main from on high and to evade preda­tors. Give your cats ver­ti­cal spa­ces de­signed es­pe­cially for them and en­cour­age them to use them. Whether they like climb­ing or sur­vey­ing their ter­ri­tory, your cats will def­i­nitely ap­pre­ci­ate it!

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