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Make this adorable braided cat col­lar with tas­sel!

Modern Cat - - Contents - BY KRISTINA STEPHENS


5/32-inch ny­lon rope or cot­ton rope 1 break­away cat col­lar clasp (avail­able on­line or use the clasp from a dis­man­tled old col­lar) Mea­sur­ing tape Scis­sors Lighter or matches


Make sure you braid tightly. Be care­ful not to hold in the flame too long or it will dis­colour or even burn the ny­lon (and your fingers).


Mea­sure your cat’s neck cir­cum­fer­ence and cut two pieces of rope that are each two times the mea­sure­ment of your cat’s neck plus an ad­di­tion eight inches in length.


Loop your two pieces of rope through one of the ends of your clasp and pull un­til equal amounts on both sides. Align rope pieces so that the two strands are next to one another


Start the braid, just like you would with a stan­dard three-strand braid, but be­cause you have four strands, al­ways cross over two strands. Braid un­til you have a braid length equalling your cat’s neck mea­sure­ment plus an ad­di­tional one inch. Make sure to mea­sure from the top of the clasp, not just the rope length, and try it on your cat to make sure it’s not go­ing to be too tight or loose.


Now take the two outer strands and put them through the other end of your col­lar clasp.


Knot the in­ner strands with the outer. Flip over so you see can see where the two strands loop through the ring.


Take the strands on the left and tuck them through the sec­ond loop. Pull tight, mak­ing sure to pull with the ring and ends at same time.


Trim the tas­sels to what­ever length you pre­fer. I find one and a half inches is a good min­i­mum length.


You will need to seal the ends of the rope. Hold tip of rope in flame for no longer than two sec­onds at a time then roll the heated rope tip be­tween your fingers. If you find it still looks a bit frayed, re­peat un­til you are happy with the seal. Re­peat with all four strands If you want to get fancy, you could also do this with cot­ton rope. The only dif­fer­ence is that the cot­ton-rope ends would need to be sealed with glue. Cot­ton rope can be fully dyed or dip dyed for an om­bre ef­fect, and can be any colour your heart de­sires!

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