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Did you see #CatSquare trend­ing on Twit­ter? Af­ter tap­ing the out­line of a square shape on the ground, cat own­ers were puz­zled and amused to find that cats were un­able to re­sist the lure of the square. Al­most with­out fail, af­ter own­ers made one of th­ese tape squares, their cats would sit them­selves right into the mid­dle of them. So what is the sci­en­tific ex­pla­na­tion for this? Ac­cord­ing to aca­demic me­dia out­let The Con­ver­sa­tion, the im­pe­tus is sim­i­lar to a cat’s de­sire to squeeze into a box: it makes them feel more safe and se­cure. It is the­o­rized that boxes re­mind cats of be­ing in a nest with their mom and lit­ter­mates. The lat­eral side pres­sure is com­fort­ing and re­leases feel good en­dor­phins. The tape-square, then, might pro­vide cats with some “mis­placed sense of se­cu­rity and psy­cho­so­matic com­fort,” The Con­ver­sa­tion sum­ma­rizes. In short, this is a fun ex­per­i­ment to try but ul­ti­mately your cat would pre­fer a nice shoe­box!

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