Modern Cat - - Behaviour -

It’s al­ways the same story: ev­ery time you sit down to your lap­top to try and ac­tu­ally get some work done, your cat promptly plops down on your key­board. Does this mean that your cat is jeal­ous of your clients and so­cial me­dia friends? It’s pos­si­ble. Ac­cord­ing to PetMD and Dr. Kat Miller, Cer­ti­fied Ap­plied An­i­mal Be­haviourist and di­rec­tor of anti-cru­elty and be­hav­iour re­search at the ASPCA, your cat could be seek­ing your at­ten­tion. Af­ter all, if ef­fec­tive; it’s pretty hard to ig­nore your cat when he’s seated on your key­board. Also, cats re­ally like warmth and a lap­top can feel like a nice, warm heat­ing pad for your kitty.

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