Quiz: How Strong Is Your Bond With Your Cat?

Take this quiz to find out how well bonded you and your cat are, then fol­low the tips at the end to su­per-charge your bond!

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Re­veal the strength of your bond: take this quiz to find out how well bonded you and your cat are, then fol­low the tips to su­per-charge your re­la­tion­ship!

An­swer these 8 ques­tions then add up the score. #1 Does your cat ap­proach you for af­fec­tion?

• Al­ways! (An­swered with just the tini­est hint of smug smile.) (score 5) • Most of the time. ( score 4) • If he feels like it (like if there's noth­ing bet­ter hap­pen­ing or I have a re­ally tasty treat in hand). (score 3) • Rarely. (score 2) • Never. (score 1)

#2 When your cat sits near you, does she ever face away from you?

• All the time. (score 5) • Oc­ca­sion­ally. (score 4) • Only when she doesn't re­al­ize I'm in the room. (score 3) • No way. Never. (score 2) • I rarely see my cat. She’s al­ways hid­ing. (score 1)


You've been away for the week­end. You re­turn home to find your cat:

• Vo­cal­iz­ing your an­kles. and (score wend­ing 5) around • Wait­ing by the door when you walk in, ready to fol­low you ev­ery­where. (score 4) • To­tally re­laxed, chill­ing on the couch. (score 3) • Watch­ing you from the up­most perch of the cat tree. (score 2) • Your cat is nowhere to be found. She may be un­der the bed in the spare room. (score 1)


Does your cat check in with you to see what you're up to?

• To­tally! My cat is al­ways seek­ing me out and check­ing in with me. (score 5) • My cat is pretty good at check­ing in with me though some­times I have to call her name to get her at­ten­tion. (score 4) • If I have food, yes. If not, for­get about it. (score 3) • Nope! He's too busy nap­ping. (score 2) • He might be watch­ing me from un­der the couch. It’s hard to tell. (score 1)

#5 Your cat is sleep­ing be­side you on the couch. She is:

• Ly­ing paws out, tummy ex­posed. (score 5) • Head butting you, ask­ing to be pet. (score 4) • Curled up re­lax­ing. (score 3) • Re­gard­ing you from the far end of the sofa. (score 2) • You placed her on the couch but she im­me­di­ately jumped down and hid un­der a piece of fur­ni­ture. (score 1)

#6 You're home. Your cat is:

• Prac­ti­cally ly­ing on top of your head. (score 5) • Sit­ting on the couch with you, but fac­ing away from you. (score 4) • Ly­ing on the ad­ja­cent couch. (score 3) • Watch­ing you from across the liv­ing room. (score 2) • Hid­ing in an­other room. (score 1)

#7 Does your cat en­joy be­ing han­dled by you?

• Of course, be­cause my cat can't get close enough to me. (score 5) • Ab­so­lutely! My cat loves to be pet on her own terms. (score 4) • My cat is pretty into it un­less there's some­thing bet­ter hap­pen­ing. (score 3) • No way, hates it. ( score 2) • Not sure, I’m afraid I’ll lose a fin­ger. (score 1)

#8 If you hide, does your cat look for you?

• Ab­so­lutely! My cat wants to be right where I am…in the kitchen, in the bath­room with me. For­get about solo time! (score 5) • Yep! She'll put forth an ef­fort to see where I went. (score 4) • Her eyes might fol­low me for a mo­ment or two be­fore she goes back to nap­ping. (score 3)

• Are you kid­ding? She's more re­laxed when she has the place to her­self. (score 2) • I’m pretty cer­tain my cat only shows her face when no one is home. (score 1)

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