How To Prop­erly Read Your Cat’s Body Lan­guage: A Vis­ual Guide

A Vis­ual Guide


Your cat’s ears, eyes, tail, and body lan­guage are try­ing to tell you some­thing. Here’s how to de­ci­pher your cat’s body lan­guage.

If you’ve ever won­dered why your cat “ran­domly” bites or goes from re­laxed to spaz mode in what seems like an in­stant, chances are you’re miss­ing—or mis­read­ing—your cat’s body lan­guage cues. They’re not so sub­tle if you’re pay­ing at­ten­tion and know how to “read” cat!

EARS UP­RIGHT I'm in­tent on lis­ten­ing and assess­ing my en­vi­ron­ment. TAIL IS HELD STRAIGHT BUT WITH A LOW IN­CLINE Slight fear or ag­gres­sion.

STEADY SOFT GAZE This means your cat is re­laxed and feels safe. EARS FOR­WARD I'm happy to see you! I might wind around your legs or head bump you. TAIL RAISED AND SLIGHTLY CURVED AT TIP Your cat is happy.

THE SLOW BLINK A slow blink while look­ing at you is the ul­ti­mate sign of trust and af­fec­tion!

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