Which Lit­ter Is Right for Your Cat?

Choos­ing a lit­ter you and your cat like en­sures a clean box your cat ac­tu­ally uses. We help you choose the lit­ter that’s right for you and your cat.

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Choose a dry, bac­te­ria-in­hibit­ing lit­ter that stays in the lit­ter box

If chang­ing the lit­ter box is one of your worst chores, Snappy Tom lit­ter crys­tals can make your house­clean­ing more en­joy­able. Ei­ther non-scented or laven­der, the crys­tals in­hibit bac­te­ria and leave lit­ter dry. As well, Snappy Tom’s lit­ter is non-track­ing, light­weight, and en­vi­ron­men­tally safe. A per­fect choice for cats sen­si­tive to dust and dirt. Change the lit­ter less and you’ll have more play­time! snap­py­tom.com

Love your cat and the earth with an en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly, high-per­for­mance wood-based lit­ter Your cat will think she’s go­ing in the great out­doors with öko­cat. Start­ing with nat­u­rally fallen tim­ber or un­used lum­ber that’s chipped along with plant-based ma­te­ri­als to form soft ground pel­lets, this lit­ter comes full cir­cle: it’s made with 100% sus­tain­able prod­ucts from the earth and can be re­turned to the earth rather than a land­fill. Fast and firm clump­ing, it’s light­weight, biodegrad­able, flush­able, and su­per ab­sorbent for ex­em­plary odour con­trol. healthy-pet.com Go fra­grance free with a light­weight, duste­lim­i­nat­ing lit­ter

Get your fe­line on the grass with SmartCat lit­ter. SmartCat All Nat­u­ral Lit­ter is made from 100% USA, nonGMO farmed grasses, with no added chem­i­cals or fra­grances that some cats don’t like. It’s half the weight of most tra­di­tional lit­ters and wait, it gets bet­ter: be­ing al­most dust-free, the chance of lit­ter-re­lated respiratory is­sues is greatly re­duced. pioneerpet.com

For­get clean­ing the plas­tic lit­ter box al­to­gether!

Kitty Poo Club of­fers an in­ge­nious ser­vice. Join the club and say good­bye and good rid­dance to clean­ing a plas­tic lit­ter box: ev­ery month you’ll re­ceive a card­board box filled with high-per­for­mance sil­ica-gel (min­eral-based and odour-free) lit­ter that you can’t buy any­where else. De­liv­ery is free via FedEx ship­ping. No fuss, no muss. kit­ty­pooclub.com

Make lit­ter fun with this dust-free pretty neon lit­ter that ex­cels at odour con­trol

Brighten the kitty box with fun neon colours! Made of high­qual­ity sil­ica gel, these neon crys­tals have the same tex­ture as sand and be­cause most fe­lines are po­lite, they hap­pily cover their “busi­ness” in vi­brant pink, or­ange, blue, green or pur­ple lit­ter with amaz­ing odour con­trol. neon­lit­ter.com

Keep the lit­ter in the box in­stead of tracked all over the floor) with this freshsmelling op­tion that’s fo­cused on odour elim­i­na­tion

Made with a spe­cial blend of larger par­ti­cles, Fresh Step, Clean Paws lit­ter is de­signed to stick less to your cat’s fur so it stays in­side the box rather than on your cat’s fur and your floor. Clay-based, low dust, and clump­ing, it elim­i­nates odour from urine, fe­ces, and bac­te­ria via smell-ab­sorb­ing ac­ti­vated char­coal and fra­grance that’s re­leased when your cat uses the box. The power of Fe­breze op­tion of­fers in­creased odour pro­tec­tion for multi-cat house­holds. fresh­step.com

Choose an ab­sorbent and odour-elim­i­nat­ing corn-based lit­ter that helps shel­ter cats

Whole ker­nel corn is the main in­gre­di­ent in World’s Best Cat Lit­ter. Com­pressed into con­cen­trated gran­ules, it traps odours and forms tight clumps on con­tact with liq­uids. And corn is sus­tain­able so you can feel good about your choice. Plus, get that warm, fuzzy feel­ing with each pur­chase of this light­weight, flush­able, and near dust-free lit­ter—you’ll help sup­port GiveLit­ter that do­nates lit­ter to hard­work­ing shel­ters in the U.S. Since its launch in 2010, over 662,000 pounds of lit­ter have been do­nated. worlds­best­catlit­ter.com

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