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Give these pheromone prod­ucts for your cat a try!

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Com­fort Zone’s Multi-Cat

Dif­fuser is a drug-free, odourfree va­por that sig­nals to your cat or kit­ten that they’re in a safe and fa­mil­iar space. It helps re­duce ten­sion and con­flict in the multi-cat home by mim­ick­ing a cat’s nat­u­ral, calm­ing pheromones and has been proven ef­fec­tive in com­bat­ing urine mark­ing and de­struc­tive scratch­ing. ($40 for dif­fuser kit with sin­gle dif­fuser, com­fort­

Have cat, will travel. Thun­derEase’s Cat Calm­ing

Pheromone Spray de­creases fear and anx­i­ety dur­ing stress­ful oc­ca­sions and sit­u­a­tions, such as a road trip or visit to the vet—and it helps ease mo­tion sick­ness. This all-nat­u­ral calm­ing so­lu­tion, which also re­duces urine spray­ing, pro­vides a sense of com­fort and se­cu­rity by copy­ing nat­u­ral fe­line fa­cial pheromones. Also avail­able in dif­fuser kits. ($30, thun­der­

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