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Modern Dog - - BREED PROFILE - By Mon­ica Collins

QDear Dog Lady,

I lost my sweet Lucy al­most two years ago and am now ready to add an­other won­der­ful dog to my life. I have two con­cerns/ ques­tions on his/her well-be­ing: 1) I have kept Lucy’s dog bed (in very good con­di­tion) and won­dered if it would be con­fus­ing to my new dog since it would have Lucy’s scent on it. Should I get a new bed? 2) I am re­tired and am home most of the time, but I will soon be start­ing a tem­po­rary job that will last eight to 10 weeks. Since I do not yet have my new com­pan­ion, should I wait un­til I fin­ish my work as­sign­ment be­fore bring­ing him/ her into my home? I would have about two-and-a-half weeks to spend with my new friend be­fore I start work­ing. I want to do what­ever is best for my pet. at­ten­tion to your new pet. For your peace of mind as well as your new dar­ling’s, why not wait un­til af­ter you fin­ish your tem­po­rary job to bring the new dog into your life. Less stress all the way around.

Dear Dog Lady,

I work at a small soft­ware com­pany where dogs are al­lowed. I only bring my Sheltie Liza when thun­der­storms are pre­dicted (be­cause she goes nuts and chews things if left home alone) but some peo­ple bring their dogs ev­ery day. Hav­ing dogs around in the of­fice makes for a nice at­mos­phere ex­cept when they steal food.

My boss’ Vizsla, Bongo, is the chief ban­dit. If I put any food on my desk, Bongo ap­pears out of nowhere and grabs the bran muf­fin, sand­wich, and my favourite choco­late yo­gurt. Even if the food is wrapped, he breaks into any bag, tears off the pack­ag­ing, and con­sumes any­thing be­fore I have time to stop him. We work in an open space so I can’t close a door and I don’t want to cause a com­mo­tion by yelling, “No!” or “Stop.” How can I dis­cuss Bongo’s be­hav­iour with the boss?— Mary, Los An­ge­les, CA A: Be di­rect with your boss. For your courage, you may end up as the of­fice hero­ine be­cause Bongo’s ban­ditry prob­a­bly im­pacts ev­ery­one. Tell your boss Bongo swipes any food not nailed down to your desk. (Ac­tu­ally, Bongo sounds like the type to gob­ble the nails too). Also, ex­press con­cern for Bongo’s health be­cause bran muffins stud­ded with raisins and choco­late yo­gurt are not the best diet for a dog—both raisins and choco­late are toxic for ca­nines. Most likely your boss is aware of the sit­u­a­tion but hasn’t wanted to con­front Bongo’s bad man­ners. Leave it up to her how to re­solve the prob­lem.

Al­low­ing dogs in the of­fice is a tremen­dous perk. Your boss, if she’s any sort of an en­light­ened man­ager, should re­al­ize that putting strain on the bowser ben­e­fit by inat­ten­tion/lack of train­ing is not in any­one’s best in­ter­est.

Dear Dog Lady,

My dog is a New­found­land. She of­ten ex­pe­ri­ences a skin in­fec­tion in the form of an­gry red rings and flaky skin in the af­fected ar­eas. I have been to the ve­teri­nar­ian’s of­fice mul­ti­ple times. They have given her an­tibi­otics. This is very ex­pen­sive be­cause she has out­breaks mul­ti­ple times a year. We don’t know what causes the out­breaks. I won­der if you know of any creams or reme­dies that could help with her symp­toms. I don’t know what

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