The West High­land White Ter­rier

Happy, smart, loyal, en­ter­tain­ing

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The AKC de­scribes this feisty ter­rier as happy, smart, loyal, and en­ter­tain­ing. This is a spir­ited dog in a su­per-cute pack­age, a combo that has won the West High­land White or Westie many fans. But don’t let that adorable ex­te­rior fol­low you: the heart of a true ter­rier lies be­neath. This is a very ac­tive, quick, cu­ri­ous, and lively dog, and one that is sur­pris­ingly strong and tough. The Westie hails from Scot­land and is closely re­lated to both the Cairn and Scot­tish Ter­ri­ers. In keep­ing with the breed's orig­i­nal func­tion as a bad­ger hunter, the breed stan­dard calls for a “small, game, well-bal­anced, hearty-look­ing ter­rier, pos­sessed with no small amount of self-es­teem.” Though not ex­tremely barky, Ter­ri­ers are not gen­er­ally known as quiet dogs, and the Westie is no ex­cep­tion. The breed is of high in­tel­li­gence, char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally cou­pled with a healthy dose of “mind-of-his-own.” The eyes are dark brown with a pierc­ing, in­quis­i­tive, and pert ex­pres­sion. The all-white dou­ble coat makes weekly groom­ing a ne­ces­sity. The Westie’s friendly but con­fi­dent na­ture and 15-20 pound size make them fine ther­apy dogs, and they are ex­cel­lent com­pan­ions. They re­spond well to train­ing and are good with chil­dren.

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