Pro­file: The Ch­e­sa­peake Bay Retriever

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Size: Large

The AKC Stan­dard ac­cepts males stand­ing be­tween 23 to 26 inches, with fe­males 21 to 24 inches. Weight is not ad­dressed in the stan­dard but this heav­ily-boned, mus­cu­lar dog ranges in weight from 55 to 70 pounds.

Ac­tiv­ity level:

This breed is not one of the crazy wild childs of the dog world, but he needs ex­tended pe­ri­ods of ex­er­cise and men­tal stim­u­la­tion ev­ery day. He wants a job, so find him one, in or out of wa­ter (though this breed will be hap­pi­est when he’s on the beach).


His dou­ble coat con­sists of an oily, short, outer coat, along with a fine, wooly un­der­coat. It’s easy to main­tain with reg­u­lar brush­ing. Part of what keeps the Chessie so wa­ter-re­sis­tant is his nat­u­rally oily coat, so some fanciers say wash­ing with any soap or sham­poo is a no-no, in­stead rec­om­mend­ing just a rinse with fresh wa­ter. But the re­al­ity is that oily coat can be smelly so you may find the oc­ca­sional sham­poo nec­es­sary. The nails are strong and need to be kept short; many sug­gest us­ing a grinder for this pur­pose. Her­itage: Wa­ter­fowl Re­triev­ers A mix of stock from var­i­ous Re­triev­ers, Set­ters, and New­found­lands, they worked for mid-19th-cen­tury Amer­i­can hunters, re­triev­ing wa­ter­fowl. For in­for­ma­tion on Ch­e­sa­peake Bay Retriever res­cue in the U.S., visit cbr­res­ In Canada, visit face­ Ch­e­sa­peake Res­cue Canada.

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