The An­i­mals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Hu­man

Modern Dog - - TRAINING - By John Brad­shaw

His­tor­i­cally, the re­la­tion­ship be­tween hu­mans and an­i­mals has been based on func­tional pur­poses. An­i­mals have lived amongst us for two rea­sons: to serve our nu­tri­tional needs, or to act as work­ers, guard­ing our homes or herd­ing our sheep. But if we no longer need an­i­mals for those pur­poses, why do we con­tinue to keep pets? Why do we still keep an­i­mals in our homes when they don’t seem to serve any ob­vi­ous pur­pose? In his fas­ci­nat­ing new book, The An­i­mals

Among Us, John Brad­shaw an­swers both of these ques­tions, ex­plor­ing how our re­la­tion­ship with an­i­mals has trans­formed over time. He re­veals how pets have played a large role in our evo­lu­tion, mean­ing al­though hu­mans have do­mes­ti­cated an­i­mals, they have af­fected and in­flu­enced hu­mans in re­turn. This is a fan­tas­tic and in­tel­lec­tual read, full of the rich an­thro­po­log­i­cal, his­tor­i­cal, and psy­cho­log­i­cal rea­sons be­hind the mean­ing­ful re­la­tion­ships that have de­vel­oped be­tween hu­mans and an­i­mals. A brilliant and il­lu­mi­nat­ing book for any­one seek­ing to un­der­stand their re­la­tion­ship with their dog on a deeper level!

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