Is Your Dog’s Bark­ing Ac­tu­ally Fear-Based?

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Does your dog growl, lunge and bark at other peo­ple or dogs? Many times, peo­ple think their dogs are guard­ing them, when in fact that’s not the case. Much ag­gres­sive be­hav­iour is based in fear. A fear­ful dog will often adopt the “best de­fense is a good of­fense” ap­proach, mak­ing him­self scary and loud so what­ever’s fright­en­ing him will go away. In this case, this dog isn’t guard­ing you at all—he’s guard­ing him­self. How can you tell? Does the be­hav­iour hap­pen when you’re not nearby? If your dog is by him­self and sees another per­son or dog, does he still go bal­lis­tic? Then your guard dog is pro­tect­ing him­self, not you. Work with a pro­fes­sional, re­ward-based trainer to help your dog learn that he’s safe and you’ll take care of him—no need for out of con­trol bark­ing.

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