Tek-Mesh ends the has­sle of plugged rain gut­ters

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Tek-Mesh puts an end to the clog­ging and clean­ing of rain gut­ters — per­ma­nently. It is a ro­bust alu­minum mi­cro-screen gut­ter pro­tec­tion sys­tem that al­lows wa­ter to flow through, while keep­ing leaves, pine nee­dles, tiny berries, and maple seeds out of the gut­ter. TekMesh also blocks bees, wasps, birds and ro­dents from get­ting into this drainage sys­tem, thanks to its use of 1.5-mil­lime­tre drainage holes that let wa­ter and noth­ing else pass through. Mean­while, the screen’s raised five-mil­lime­tre ridges and rounded edge helps to shed de­bris cleanly onto the ground, pre­vent­ing blockages from oc­cur­ring.

You can even put an ap­proved heat­ing wire in the front crevice of Tek-Mesh and gut­ter, to en­sure year-round de­bris-free drainage and re­duc­tion of ici­cles.

“I in­vented Tek-Mesh to pro­vide the ul­ti­mate in durable, easy-toin­stall and re­li­able rain gut­ter pro­tec­tion,” said Mark Fryml, pres­i­dent of KEMF Inc. “This ul­ti­mate gut­ter pro­tec­tor will han­dle any vol­ume of wa­ter that your gut­ter can han­dle, and you will have peace of mind know­ing that your gut­ters are com­pletely pro­tected.”

Tek-Mesh is de­signed to be in­stalled/sil­i­coned un­der the first row of shin­gles, and clipped onto the lip of the gut­ter. For an even more solid in­stal­la­tion, Tek-Mesh may also be screwed down to the roof and/or fas­cia; the lat­ter be­ing pos­si­ble on shin­gle-less gravel or mem­brane roofs. This gut­ter pro­tec­tion sys­tem is avail­able in 10 colours to match the colour of the gut­ters or the roof, and comes in five-foot lengths.

“Tek-Mesh is not painted but an­odized in or­der to make the colours per­ma­nent and weather-proof,” Fryml said.

KEMF’s Tek-Mesh gut­ter pro­tec­tion sys­tem is avail­able at the com­pany’s web­site (www.tekmesh. through var­i­ous Canadian dis­trib­u­tors listed, as well as through­out North Amer­ica at www.brook­stone.com. The com­pany is cur­rently seek­ing ad­di­tional dis­trib­u­tors; en­quiries can be made through www.kemf.ca.

“The motto of KEMF — and our mission — is ‘Life Sim­pli­fied’,” Fryml said. “Tek-Mesh is a per­fect ex­am­ple of our phi­los­o­phy in ac­tion. With this prod­uct, your rain gut­ters will re­main free and clear year-round, and you won’t ever have to climb up on a lad­der to clean away de­bris. Time is valu­able, and so is your home. Pro­tect it.”

Tek-Mesh, an alu­minum mi­cro-screen gut­ter pro­tec­tion sys­tem, al­lows wa­ter to flow through the gut­ters but keeps out de­bris.

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