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John Jay Ed­ward Gum­b­ley, also known as John Jay is a man of many tal­ents. He's been op­er­at­ing Mon­treal's night life scene for over a decade, has con­sulted on mul­ti­ple suc­cess­ful real es­tate and fran­chise deals, is the owner of a so­cial me­dia agency and op­er­ates all un­der his cor­po­ra­tion, Je­gan­tic. His new ven­ture, Bord'Elle has only been opened for six months and it's mak­ing noise all over the city. Keep read­ing to find out the story be­hind Bord'Elle and what's com­ing up next for the in­dus­try mogul.

The sec­ond you walk into Bord'Elle, you feel like you've left Mon­treal and en­tered the scene of a Great Gatsby movie. Inspired by the roar­ing 1920's in New York, it holds a special charm that is only un­der­stood once you open its double doors. Since its grand open­ing in Novem­ber, Bord'Elle has be­come the go-to place for an evening out. A new all-star team was formed to run this night club, in­clud­ing Mor­ris Nader, Kaje Kan­diah, Rob Roy and John Jay. Th­ese guys have taken it to the next level cre­at­ing a space that caters to luxury in an en­vi­ron­ment that sells it­self. Its no won­der why it's Goss Club's #1 spot...

How did you come up with Bord'Elles' in­te­rior de­sign?

This place is based on my trips to Spain and France: I was stay­ing at Bou­tique ho­tels and slowly got the idea to do a bou­tique bar that would look like a ho­tel ex­cept I wouldn't have rooms now I'm think­ing it would've been cool to have turned it into rooms up­stairs (starts laugh­ing). If I would've thought of it be­fore I think it would've re­ally worked out [be­cause] you have ev­ery­thing un­der one roof.

Tell us about what makes Bord'Elle so dif­fer­ent from other clubs?

The last decade in Mon­treal's night life, ev­ery­one was do­ing the "less is more" thing - but es­sen­tially peo­ple were get­ting less for their money. Our con­cept here is the op­po­site. We're going to go over the top, spend the money to get it done, work on the de­tails con­stantly so at the end of the day when some­one comes here, we're giv­ing them an ex­pe­ri­ence for their money. It won't cheap, but you'll get some­thing out of it.

I be­lieve if you build some­thing that is special, [peo­ple] will come. You can't just build it and they will come, but if you build it with a pur­pose and a con­cept and a vi­sion that's good that's what peo­ple want now - peo­ple are look­ing for more than they were in the past.

What makes Bord'Elle so special? It's all about the de­tails.

1. In­te­rior De­sign

Peo­ple don't know this but, the fur­ni­ture in the whiskey bar is hand made Ital­ian fur­ni­ture that I won at auc­tions. I was going to auc­tions and hand se­lect­ing spe­cialty items and then bid­ding on them to win.The goal in the end is that we're going to sell th­ese items - I'm going to write sto­ries about them on our web­site and some­one's going to be able to buy it and we'll keep buy­ing new ones at auc­tions.

2. The Art Work

I found th­ese pictures on the in­ter­net, our de­signer Deleon, took all th­ese pictures blended it into one, made a dig­i­tal ver­sion, we sent it to Vancouver and an artist in Vancouver hand painted it, sent it back to me and if you look at the bot­tom right cor­ner - my sig­na­ture is on each one.

3. The Swing

V anessa Fournier is a Cirque du Soleil artist, who can be seen per­form­ing on the swing Saturday nights. We're also launch­ing a "din­ner show" ev­ery Thurs­day where we're going to have a trapeze thing on the other side of the room, we're going to have two sep­a­rate Cirque du Soleil artist do­ing air ma­noeu­vres as well as a bur­lesque show ev­ery sin­gle week per­formed by dif­fer­ent artists in Mon­treal. Peo­ple will get to come for din­ner, and en­joy the show.

4. Thurs­days "Ladies De­light"

On Thurs­days, a "dames de­light" will oc­cur where ev­ery woman who walks in to Bord'Elle will get a com­pli­men­tary glass of cham­pagne at the en­trance, poured di­rectly for them, with­out hav­ing to wait in line at the bar.

5. Special Gin & Ton­ics

The Gin & ton­ics are inspired from Spain - be­cause in Spain they've made it in art. They use hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent types of ton­ics, hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent types of gins, and each gin and each tonic have sep­a­rate flavour pro­files and when blended in to­gether, it makes a spe­cial­ized drink, so we're try­ing to bring what they do in Madrid with gin and ton­ics here. Our main gins are Bom­bay and Hen­dricks but we carry up to 25 other gins. 6.The Whiskey Par­lor Up in the Whiskey Par­lour, you can choose 60 dif­fer­ent from the tasti­est to the most ex­pen­sive scotches and whiskeys rang­ing from $16 to $180 an ounce. It's sup­pose to look like a "rich mans ci­gar lounge" the tufted leathers, the dark ma­hogany wood, the book­case, you're sup­pose to just feel like old world charm sit­ting in here. 7. Im­pec­ca­ble Ser­vice Bord'elle is the ONLY club in Mon­treal that of­fers a pre­mium valet ser­vice ev­ery sin­gle night that they're open. A dar­ing move to make in the heart of the Old Port, where there is lit­er­ally no park­ing any­where. This makes the ride that much more en­joy­able.

8. Luxury at its finest

"You don't need to be rich to come to Bord'elle, but Bord'elle will make you feel rich". So when you're here, you want to put on your good shoes, you want to put on your nice dress, and it fits.

9. Cham­pagne Room

The Cham­pagne room is meant to be the com­plete op­po­site of the whiskey room.The pil­lar in the bar, is a gold mir­ror be­hind it lit up is meant to look like bubbles inside of a cham­pagne bot­tle. That's why the colours are beige, hues - it's sup­pose to look bob­bly and ef­fer­ves­cent and very fem­i­nine. Pink couches are sup­pose to look like a ladies pow­der room.You can have cham­pagne by the glass, Prosecco orVeuve Clic­quot by the glass and we have 6 cham­pagne cock­tails as well we have fruit and

herbal blends.

Big­gest event com­ing up?

Our Grand Prix week­end. We're in charge of do­ing the party for Re­naudWil­liams and Mar­tini Prosecco dur­ing Grand Prix. I'm do­ing two things: there's going to be a special Thurs­day party for the en­tire rac­ing team and then on Saturday there's a party here for Grand Prix and then on Saturday af­ter­noon, we're going to have Ace of Spades, Mar­tini Prosecco and Grey Goose party in the day. It's going to be an out­door party called "ter­rasa".

What's next for Je­gan­tic?

A new Mex­i­can fu­sion un­der­ground bar with a HUGE ter­race in the old port.The theme is going to be two ar­eas: a new taco joint, flo­ral wall­pa­per, fem­i­nine, and then be­yond that, it's like inside a cas­tle ev­ery­thing is stone, rounded and ev­ery­thing and be­yond that there's an in­te­rior court yard inside of a build­ing, 2,000 square feet out­door ter­race.That will be open­ing in the near fu­ture. Stay tuned. Tell me about Orange Tree Me­dia?

In house now we have (with my wife and as­so­ciates) our own so­cial me­dia com­pany, web­site de­vel­oper and de­signer, all un­der a cre­ative agency called Orange Tree Me­dia. The motto is: in a world full of ev­er­greens, we'll make you the orange tree. Es­sen­tially, we'll make you stand out.

Our big­gest project for Orange Tree Me­dia was Bord'elle, we didn't hire any pro­mot­ers or any ex­ter­nal book­ing com­pa­nies, it was mostly on so­cial me­dia and word of mouth.

Bord'elle is now open on Thurs­days, Fri­days and Satur­days. Fol­low Bord'elle on In­sta­gram and Face­book. For reser­va­tions, visit their Web­site.


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John Jay Ed­ward Gum­b­ley has been op­er­at­ing in Mon­treal’s nigh tlife for over 10 years

The GrandFoyer at Bord'Elle

The Cham­pagne room at Bord'Elle

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