A Boy and ‘Gig­gle’ ‘ Super He­roes

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Set­ting: Ed­mon­ton But­ter­dome Spring Craft Show: Earth to Body Nat­u­ral Skin Care Booth Two young boys bounded into our booth, ‘Gig­gle’ pup­pets* wrapped around their small bod­ies. Mouths flap­ping. Pup­pet arms fling­ing ev­ery which way as each boy sought to mas­ter his newly pur­chased toy.

The older boy I rec­og­nized from the pre­vi­ous day. He and his mom had pur­chased a small emu oil for his arm. We learned that he was a he­mo­phil­iac and of­ten had to un­dergo in­tra­venous in­jec­tions, inside el­bow. Un­for­tu­nately, he had re­acted to the ad­he­sive tape. They were seek­ing a sooth­ing oil or cream.

We sug­gested our un­re­fined Emu Oil, al­ways safe on the skin. It can be ap­plied any­where and every­where for any rea­son. If there is red­ness or swelling or itch­ing, emu oil is gen­er­ally an in­cred­i­ble so­lu­tion, al­ways liv­ing up to its mirac­u­lous rep­u­ta­tion. Im­me­di­ately calm­ing and sooth­ing. Never in­va­sive nor risky.

We like to think of un­re­fined emu oil as ‘one pure food for the skin’. Emu con­tains fatty acids and the high­est Vi­ta­min E of any plant or an­i­mal on earth. We add noth­ing to it. It is a nat­u­ral anti-in­flam­ma­tory and in the cos­metic world this means it helps the skin to be nat­u­rally soothed.

The boy’s arm had been badly bruised and was red rashed.

I asked if I might take a quick peak.

He gen­tly and proudly pulled back his Super hero band-aid, eyes wildly com­mu­ni­cat­ing to his buddy, “I’m com­ing to get you.”

The re­turn visit was to pur­chase more emu oil. Ev­ery­one had wit­nessed a huge im­prove­ment in the boy’s arm overnight. The boy man­aged to share that he loved the emu oil, in be­tween the fling­ing ‘Gig­gle’ pup­pet arms, yap­ping mouths and typ­i­cal boyto-boy ban­ter.

We know the emu oil will con­tinue to help him sur­vive the con­stant stresses he will be forced to en­dure. It worked and that is all he cared about. His mom also told us that she wit­nessed a re­duc­tion in the bruis­ing and in the stress area around the nee­dle site.

The emu oil was paid for and bagged. The brave young boy smiled a ‘Good Bye’! His pup­pet’s per­pet­ual grin mouthed ‘Thank you’ as he waved his long lanky arm. It was then that I no­ticed the Spi­derman band-aid, same as the boy’s, on the crook of the ‘Gig­gle’s arm. Both super he­roes.

Brilliant, I thought. Shar­ing ex­pe­ri­ences al­ways makes for bet­ter friends.

He­mophilia is a rare bleed­ing dis­or­der in which the blood doesn't clot nor­mally. One may bleed for a longer time than oth­ers af­ter an in­jury, or may even bleed inside the body (in­ter­nally), es­pe­cially in knees, an­kles, and el­bows. One treat­ment called ‘re­place­ment ther­apy’ in­volves con­cen­trates of a clot­ting fac­tor that is slowly dripped or in­jected into a vein.Th­ese in­fu­sions help re­place the clot­ting fac­tor that's miss­ing or low.

*Gig­gle Pup­pets are cre­ated on Van­cou­ver Is­land by: ‘ Give a Lit­tle Gig­gle’. Con­tact by phone: Sun­day to Satur­day 9 - 5 pm (Pa­cific Stan­dard Time ) (250) 754-9896 or by send­ing an e-mail mes­sage to: cather­ine@givealit­tlegig­gle.com.

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