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Three years ago,Alan Safco and his wife headed out from their home in Vau­dreuil for their an­nual straw­berry-pick­ing day in the coun­try, and they came home with much more - a four-year old Border Col­lie they named Jax.

"We were out in the fields and al­ready had a few bas­kets filled when I saw a dog ly­ing down a few rows away… I thought it was pe­cu­liar the way he was just ly­ing there, so I went over and as I got closer, I could see he was a Border Col­lie. I used to have one when I was a kid. But then he got up and walked away… and I saw that he had a limp," said Alan.

When they re­turned to the farm­house to pay for the straw­ber­ries, Alan asked the owner about the dog and was told he was aban­doned and had been hang­ing around the farm for weeks. He was dirty and didn't look very well, so they had been giv­ing him some wa­ter and food.

"Jax didn't come from a farm in the area, maybe some­one just left him in the fields. So we de­cided to go back out to see if we could find him."

They didn't have to go very far be­cause Jax was right there, sit­ting in the first row look­ing at them. Alan's wife, a dog lover, went over to see him and Jax got up to greet her. She was smit­ten.

"He ac­tu­ally started fol­low­ing her, with his limp… and the next thing I knew we were pack­ing up the car with straw­ber­ries - and a dog name Jax."

They first brought Jax to the vet­eri­nar­ian to be checked. He was mal­nour­ished but strong - and most prob­a­bly had been abused. His back right leg had been in­jured and a cut on it had not healed well.They treated his cut, cleaned him up and brought him home.

"He just fit right in, right from the start. We have a big back­yard that is per­fect for Jax, he still limps a lit­tle and doesn't have the en­ergy a dog like him should have, but he has enough and there's room to chase balls… and the squir­rels! My wife calls him her 'sweetie-pie', just like the straw­ber­ries."

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