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T“Did you brush your teeth? Shower… with soap? Tidy your room? Wash your hands… with warm wa­ter AND SOAP?!” As a mother of two boys, th­ese ques­tions are on record and re­peat. "Clean­li­ness is next to God­li­ness", right? So says the phrase coined by an18th Cen­tury Ser­mon. Baby­lo­nian and He­brew re­li­gious sects held this an­cient view since the be­gin­ning of time. Keep­ing clean was, and still is, a sign of spir­i­tual pu­rity and good­ness. It has been re­ferred to as a moral duty to keep our­selves and our home clean.

Facts and fears on germs and dis­ease have mor­phed our mod­ern day stress into an an­tibi­otic body in an an­tibac­te­rial ster­ile en­vi­ron­ment.

Why isn’t it work­ing? Are we miss­ing bal­ance?

Is it pos­si­ble we have tipped the scale slightly, or detri­men­tally over to the one side of clean­li­ness? Is our self-preser­va­tion tech­nique turn­ing on us? What about life? What about dirt, soil that har­bors probiotics? What about nec­es­sary bac­te­ria that in­creases the func­tion of our im­mune sys­tem?

The over use of an­tibi­otics wipes away the good bac­te­ria in our guts. In or­der to ward off the dan­gers of filth, we elim­i­nate the nec­es­sary mi­crobes and or­gan­isms that keep us in bal­ance with na­ture. Not to men­tion the chem­i­cals and fra­grances that only cause more harm then good.

Are we clean­ing too much?

Some of you will agree with Tara. As I do. Our com­pul­sion to ‘purell’ our­selves ev­ery time we turn around, shower or bathe too of­ten and scrub ob­ses­sively may be overkill. We are con­di­tioned to be­ing and clean and of course, it is im­por­tant. But should we not also ques­tion the bathing ac­ces­sories and the how of­ten?

At Earth to Body we of­fer you nat­u­ral soaps, bath spas, scrubs, all eco friendly for the hair and the skin. You may have tried our nat­u­ral bath prod­ucts. You may have sham­pooed your dog with our sham­poo bar, fol­lowed by our vine­gar rinse. Yes, it is good for both of you. You may have suc­cess­fully re­moved a stain from a car­pet or cloth­ing with our reg­u­lar sham­poo bar. Like in the old days, when a real soap worked magic. Our soaps are rather versatile, but more im­por­tantly, safe and nour­ish­ing.

But the chem­i­cals in most com­mer­cial soaps, sham­poos, san­i­tiz­ers and clean­ing prod­ucts are a rea­son to be se­ri­ously con­cerned.

Let us clean our­selves and our sur­round­ings with gifts from na­ture.

It is true that Clean­li­ness en­sures good health. So clean­ing prod­ucts must be healthy.

For your body choose from our Bath and Shower sec­tion on­line. For your home you might like see what our ven­dor friends have to of­fer.Vine­gar based with lovely scents. C is for Clean.

ara Palov of­ten writes for us. Re­cently she mused on ‘Clean­li­ness and God­li­ness’

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