Sham­poo Bars… Ya gotta love ‘em

Montreal Times - - Classified - By Tara Shannon

It’s a love af­fair for most. Our sham­poo bar and your hair! If you have never tried it, you should. Our bars are cold pro­cessed soaps chock full of nat­u­ral oils. (We do not make glyc­erin based soaps as they have less lather and are less clar­i­fy­ing.)

The most im­por­tant fac­tor is that our bars con­tain all nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents. The bar lath­ers nicely, un­like nat­u­ral liq­uid sham­poos.

You can save it just for the hair, or use all over the body, face in­cluded. Your skin will love you.

Travel is made easy. No spillage. It is a perfect carry- on. A gym locker favourite. A camp­ing must.

You are not pol­lut­ing your body, or our wa­ters when us­ing an all nat­u­ral sham­poo/soap bar.

The bar can last a long time, es­pe­cially if you keep it dry after use. Some of our cus­tomers cut the bar in half or even quar­ter it.

After use, it should be kept away from wa­ter, stored in a con­tainer or a good drain­ing soap dish.

It is easy to use. Rub the bar onto the wet hair to cre­ate the lather. It can be left on for a few min­utes or im­me­di­ately rinsed off. If you ac­ci­dently get the soap in the eyes it will sting, so rinse im­me­di­ately.

A sham­poo bar con­tains no sur­fac­tants like SLS /SLES (sodium lau­rel sul­fate / sodium lau­reth sul­fate). A sur­fac­tant de­greases and gives the lather in liq­uid sham­poos. Sur­fac­tants may cause hair loss, ir­ri­tate the scalp and cause dry­ness and itch­i­ness. They also strip the hair of its nat­u­ral oils. This is why con­di­tion­ers are so nec­es­sary.

Our sham­poo bars will nour­ish the hair and scalp. There may, how­ever, be a tran­si­tion pe­riod when switching from com­mer­cial sham­poo to a bar. BE PA­TIENT.

For some, it can be up to a cou­ple of weeks for the hair to lose the build up or the heavy, dry feel­ing. This may oc­cur if your hair is long and the build up greater, or, if you are us­ing many styling prod­ucts on the hair. A perfect time to switch to a sham­poo bar is after a good hair­cut. Cut­ting the hair gets rid of the build up from your other sham­poos and stylers.

If you find that you do not fall in love with our sham­poo bar right away, you might con­tinue us­ing a com­mer­cial clar­i­fy­ing sham­poo on oc­ca­sion un­til your hair ad­justs.

Our favourite choice for tran­si­tion woes is our ap­ple cider vine­gar rinse! You can use this after ev­ery sham­poo dur­ing the tran­si­tion stage, or ev­ery few days. Even­tu­ally as your hair is re­stored to its nat­u­ral healthy sheen, you should use the rinse about once a week. Do not for­get that our bars make won­der­ful body soaps too, so it is never a wasted in­vest­ment.

Rins­ing in cold wa­ter is AL­WAYS the best. Be brave…slowly turn the tap to cool and keep smil­ing.

Earth to Body has 3 Sham­poo/Soap bars to choose from.

Ba­sic Sham­poo Bar Reg­u­lar sham­poo Bar

ESP sham­poo Bar

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