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A lot of peo­ple are fo­cused on what they want to do. They set goals for them­selves. Melissa asks: “But where is that com­ing from? Is that from an in­ter­nal in­trin­sic de­sire, or be­cause you feel like you should be do­ing it at this time?” Many goals rep­re­sent more than their fin­ish line—what core val­ues drive them?

For ex­am­ple, any­one who has worked with Melissa or fol­lows her on­line knows that her per­sonal as­sis­tant is a Por­tuguese wa­ter dog named Bali. Bring­ing Bali into her home was a life­long goal that rep­re­sented a larger achieve­ment for Melissa. “To me it was a huge deal be­cause it rep­re­sented that I was work­ing for my­self.”

Melissa or­ga­nizes goals into two cat­e­gories: push goals and soul goals. “Cer­tain push goals, you just have to do to get to where you want to go,” she says. “The soul goals are the ones I love work­ing with. These are the ones that aren’t al­ways ra­tio­nal, but they light peo­ple up.” This is where Melissa shines. She helps her clients work through the process, re­al­ize their dreams, and strate­gize a plan to reach them. At the same time, it’s not just about the achieve­ment, but the process. An ex­am­ple or a soul goal for Melissa is writ­ing her book. She is cur­rently writ­ing a book about her trav­els: her ex­pe­ri­ence mov­ing west, what it took to re­al­ize that dream, and to do it as a sin­gle woman.

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