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Iam trav­el­ling across Costa Rica, fam­ily in tow, with less and less of my beloved Earth to Body prod­ucts. For a nat­u­ral skin care ad­dict, this is tragic liv­ing… Not to men­tion the en­vi­ron­men­tal ad­just­ments. The hu­mid wet cli­mate calls for moldy in­fes­ta­tions on any­thing less than airy open and free.

To­day we washed our sheets and aired out our mat­tresses. I am ac­cus­tomed to spritz­ing vine­gar fresh­ness on ev­ery­thing due to its cheap, ef­fec­tive and nat­u­ral ben­e­fits. While I was me­thod­i­cally spray­ing my eleven year old’s bed of mildew, his brother ap­peared by my side, along with an in­hala­tion from home. Thieves oil blend en­veloped the air. In his lit­tle hand was a bot­tle of Earth to Body's “Thieves Oil” All Pur­pose San­i­tizer. He had packed it three months ago, from Mon­treal, in his Back­pack.We brought only ne­ces­si­ties, there­fore the kids only had their fa­vorite clothes, cards, tech and art sup­plies. Yet, here he was, hold­ing the bot­tle.

When this lit­tle man ap­peared with the san­i­tizer spray, my heart melted. Some­times it’s the un­ex­pected lit­tle things that bring the most joy.

The fol­low­ing day, I opened my bed­room cup­boards to white mold. As I scratched my head as to how or why there would be closed wooden fur­ni­ture any­where in the Costa Ri­can vicin­ity, I cursed the own­ers and man­agers.We were only go­ing to be there a few more days, but we wiped it down any­way. Bad idea. The moldy smell be­came ram­pantly air­borne and worse than be­fore. I asked Google about mold and Thieves Oil, and of course, up popped the proof. It’s all you need.

Thank good­ness for the 'Thieves Oil' All Pur­pose San­i­tizer, and my adorable child!

“I packed it be­cause it’s my fa­vorite Earth to Body prod­uct and I love the smell.”

Eli. Age 10 with a 'Thieves Oil' All Pur­pose San­i­tizer.Too cute!

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