Guin­ness Greet­ings on the Skin

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Tot­ing a beer into the shower may not be on ev­ery­one’s agenda, but per­haps it should be. Not to drink nec­es­sar­ily, but to cleanse and nour­ish the skin.

We love our Guin­ness soap, called Ir­ish Stout Oat­meal Soap.

Not only is it great as a body and face soap, but it also serves well as a sham­poo for the hair. Beer and es­pe­cially Guin­ness, con­tains nat­u­ral anti-ox­i­dants*, mak­ing the hair softer and more vo­lu­mi­nous. When we make our beer soap, it is nec­es­sary to al­low the beer to be­come flat be­fore mix­ing. Same idea, if you wish to rinse your hair with the pure Guin­ness, it should sit for an hour or so be­fore us­ing. You can wash as usual and then rinse with warm wa­ter and beer.

Since beer con­tains B vi­ta­mins, hops, sac­cha­rides and yeast, it acts as a nat­u­ral mois­tur­izer. Af­ter cleans­ing with the Guin­ness soap, some peo­ple do not need to mois­tur­ize, or at least need less.

Beer helps clear the skin of acne. The brewer’s yeast in Guin­ness will at­tack the ac­neic bac­te­ria on the skin and re­duce the oily se­cre­tion from the se­ba­ceous glands.

Beer not only clears the com­plex­ion, it also treats dry­ness and smoothes the skin tex­ture. Beer would be a wonderful ad­di­tion to our pop­u­lar Clay Neem fa­cial mask. Once again, if you do not wish to in­vest in the ac­tual beer, try our Guin­ness soap!

•a sub­stance such as vi­ta­min C or E that re­moves po­ten­tially dam­ag­ing ox­i­diz­ing agents in a liv­ing or­gan­ism.

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