Break­ing Bad Habits

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In the course of my prac­tice I have met many peo­ple who have fallen into the trap of un­wanted be­hav­iour – habits! These in­clude nail bit­ing, ner­vous ticks, grind­ing of teeth, drink­ing, gam­bling, binge eat­ing and many more.

Habits are usu­ally cre­ated in­ad­ver­tently and slowly over time as the per­son re­peats be­hav­iours over and over which be­come ac­cepted as nor­mal by the sub­con­scious mind, and so the per­son has what we all know as a habit, their new “nor­mal”. How­ever, bad habits are not nor­mal, they are a con­se­quence of a cer­tain thought process that brings us to a point where we are es­sen­tially on auto pi­lot and feel help­less to do any­thing about it be­cause the com­pul­sion is too strong. This is un­true!

In ac­tu­al­ity, bad habits can be over­come and neu­tral­ized quite quickly, us­ing the power of the sub­con­scious rather than con­scious mind. If the con­scious mind was equipped to do it, one would only have to tell one­self to stop and would. While some peo­ple can do it, for most it is too daunt­ing and best be put off for an­other day, and so the habit per­sists.

Hyp­nother­apy goes to the source of the neg­a­tive mind­set, the pro­gram run­ning in the back­ground that trans­mits the urges and com­pul­sions. That is where the cy­cle or loop is dis­rupted, the au­to­matic be­hav­iour in­ter­fered with so the cy­cle can break down and dis­ap­pear. It is a pain­less and fast so­lu­tion to what so many peo­ple think is just go­ing to be their prob­lem for the rest of their lives, but I am happy to say that doesn’t have to be.

David Bern­stein C.H. is a Cer­ti­fied Clin­i­cal Hyp­nother­a­pist in Pointe Claire, and can be reached at:

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