Wine and Ke­to­genic diet – Too good to be true!

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Iwould like to share some­thing with you. A month ago, I de­cided to em­bark on the keto life­style. Short for “ke­to­genic diet,” this eat­ing plan is all about re­duc­ing your carbs and in­creas­ing your fats to get your body to use other fat as a form of en­ergy, says Scott Keat­ley, R.D., of Keat­ley Med­i­cal Nu­tri­tion Ther­apy. While ev­ery­one's body and needs are slightly dif­fer­ent, that typ­i­cally trans­lates to: 60-75% of your calo­ries from fat, 15-30% of your calo­ries from pro­tein, and 5-10% of your calo­ries from carbs. It is not for ev­ery­one but i am al­ready reap­ing the ben­e­fits: weight loss, bet­ter mood and im­proved con­cen­tra­tion. In the course of a month, I have lost 16 pounds and feel bet­ter than ever.

Many friends have asked me if you can have wine on a Keto diet. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, the an­swer is yes but how much can you have will de­pend on the resid­ual sugar of a bot­tle of wine. Resid­ual sugar im­plies the left­over sugar af­ter fer­men­ta­tion stops, or is stopped, but it can also re­sult from the ad­di­tion of un­fer­mented must or plain sugar. It is usu­ally mea­sured in grams of sugar per litre of wine, of­ten ab­bre­vi­ated to g/l or g/L.

The site wine­ states that wines range from 0 to about 220 grams per liter sugar, de­pend­ing on the style. A stan­dard glass of dry wine (150ml) can have be­tween 3-4 carbs per serv­ing. Gen­er­ally speak­ing, the cheaper the wine, the more resid­ual sugar it will con­tain. If you are con­sid­er­ing fol­low­ing the Keto regime, you should fa­vor wine in the $20-$30 price bracket. The SAQ site is very use­ful be­cause it shows the amount of resid­ual sugar per bot­tle on quite a num­ber of wine ref­er­ences.

At the end what counts is how you man­age your carb bud­get. I en­joy very eas­ily 3-4 wine glasses a day with plea­sure but I am very strict with my ood carb in­take. A col­league that ex­pressed in­ter­est on the keto diet, told me that she will not con­sider do­ing it be­cause it is too re­stric­tive.At the end, it is all about mak­ing choices. Do you pre­fer that big slice of bread or 2-3 wine glasses. I will let you an­swer that

Here are some sug­ges­tions of Keto friendly wines to ac­com­pany your diet ex­pe­ri­ence. Next to my tast­ing notes, I listed the resid­ual sugar amount and the carb value in grams, as­sum­ing you are hav­ing a 150 ml/5 oz serv­ing

Please drink in mod­er­a­tion and be­fore em­bark­ing on a Keto life­style, please con­sult your fam­ily doc­tor to get thumbs up.


Tokaj Ore­mus Man­dolas 2016 ( Tokai, Hun­gary). SAQ # 10756400,


En­tic­ing nu­ances of flint, apri­cots with a touch of en­dives, aca­cia and honey­suckle. Zesty and vi­brant with a round mouth­feel and clean lin­ger­ing fi­nale. Resid­ual sugar: 3.2 g/L. Carbs per 150 ml: 1.9

Do­maine Zind Hum­brecht Ries­ling Tur­ck­heim 2016 ( Al­sace,

France). SAQ # 11461101, $27.10

Ex­otic bou­quet. Ly­chee with jas­mine blos­som wa­ter. With aer­a­tion a note of honey and petrol emerges. On the palate, it is creamy and fluid with notes of white pep­per and ver­be­nal leaf in the fi­nale. Resid­ual sugar: 4.7 g/L. Carbs per 150 ml: 2.82

Do­maine des Sal­ices Viog­nier 2017 ( Langue­doc, France). SAQ # 10265061, $14.75

Bright aro­mas of trop­i­cal fruits with a quis­senten­tial flo­ral note typ­i­cal of the Viog­nier va­ri­ety. Medium plus acid­ity , round and very zen alike. Resid­ual sugar: 1.3g/L. Carbs per 150 ml: 0.78


J.L. Chave Sélec­tion Of­ferus 2015 ( Rhone Val­ley, France). SAQ # 10230862, $41.50

Text­book Syrah va­ri­etal aro­mas: Leather and gamey nu­ances.Redo­lent as well of con­fit vi­o­lets, spearmint and black pep­per. On the mouth, po­tent and struc­ture but quite bal­anced. Will de­velop nicely for the next decade in your cel­lar. Resid­ual sugar: 2.5 g/L. Carbs per 150ml: 1.5

Vina Mont­gras Akel Gre­nache Syrah Carig­nan 2017 ( Cen­tral Val­ley, Chile). SAQ # 13730740, $15.95

At­trac­tive aro­mas of red ber­ries, lead pen­cil shav­ing with dried rose, vi­o­let and pe­onies petals. Round and very pleas­ant with firm tan­nins and a juicy acid­ity. A new wine from Mont­Gras avail­able in the Que­bec mar­ket. Qual­ity is very high for the rea­son­able price. Buy Resid­ual sugar: 1.8g/L. Carbs per 150 ml: 1.08

Château de Carolle 2016 ( Bordeaux, France). SAQ

# 11401547, $19.95

Ter­rific nose of graphite, cas­sis and roasted red bell pep­per. On the mouth, rich and deca­dent, pol­ished in the mid palate with silky tan­nins. Best vin­tage ever of this cel­e­brated Bordeaux pro­ducer. Buy. Resid­ual Sugar: 1.7g/L. Carbs per 150 ml: 1.02

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