Deal­ing with Eczema

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We can't cure your eczema, we can only help to soothe it ex­ter­nally.And with you work­ing in­ter­nally, you can meet us half way.You have the ca­pa­bil­ity to heal your eczema by mak­ing cer­tain choices. Your skin is just an­other or­gan of your body. Or­gans, teeth, bones, mood and mind are all a part of the same whole, no? It's sounds sim­ple, but we've been lead to be­lieve that "fix­ing" the one area of the body that gives us trou­ble, is the best way. Plus the creams and me­di­a­tion that are pre­scribed can cause more dam­age, which is a dou­ble whammy. 70% of what we ap­ply to and wash our body's with is ab­sorbed into our del­i­cate sys­tems so be­ing mind­ful of the in­gre­di­ents we in­gest is cru­cial.

Your skin's health is a re­sult of the im­bal­ance of your en­tire body. Gut health, stress lev­els, lack of sleep, im­mu­nity, all con­trib­ute to eczema. We think our skin out­breaks are caused by an al­lergy or high stress... but these are just trig­gers. Get­ting to the root of the cause is the only way to ‘fix’ it. We need to look at the body as a whole in or­der to help our­selves heal the sep­a­rate patholo­gies or ail­ments that man­i­fest. Men­tal and phys­i­cal. Avoid­ing chem­i­cals to wash, mois­tur­ize and soothe, and re­plac­ing them with nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents is a great start and can make the world of dif­fer­ence for many suf­fers.Yet other's still strug­gle, not sure what the prob­lem is...

It's not only chem­i­cals in our skin­care, make-up and clean­ing prod­ucts, but there are un­wanted mat­ter in our food as well. Gut flora is the ba­sis for a huge por­tion of our health.This ‘sec­ond brain’, af­fects our mood and our skin! For meat eaters, I rec­om­mend Pa­leo or GAPS.Warm soups with bone stock and mar­row are an ex­cel­lent source of nu­tri­ents for healing the gut. For ve­g­ans and veg­e­tar­i­ans, juic­ing fruits & veg­gies and con­sum­ing su­per­foods like moringa can help im­prove your di­ges­tion and change the mi­cro­biome. I rec­om­mend see­ing a pro­fes­sional or do­ing your own re­search on how to re­pop­u­late the bad flora with good to re­bal­ance the del­i­cate en­vi­ron­ment that lives within. Just re­mem­ber that bad bac­te­ria strive on grains, dairy and sugar.The good pop­u­late when you starve the bad and feed the good! Abun­dance of clean wa­ter is para­mount to a clean sys­tem. Diet can take you places. So can sleep.

Sleep is an­other huge com­po­nent to our health. Our bod­ies re­store them­selves when our parasym­pa­thetic ner­vous sys­tem is ac­ti­vated dur­ing rest and re­lax­ation. Two mys­ter­ies of life that con­tinue to al­lude us all! Our body can re­pair it­self to home­osta­sis only if we al­low it... eas­ier said than done. Chang­ing your sched­ule is not avail­able to most of us. But carv­ing out time to take care of our­selves as a pri­or­ity can go a long way.


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There are many com­po­nents to eas­ing eczema. But you may find when you ven­ture on this path, other as­pects of your life will shift for the bet­ter, heal as a whole, gain en­ergy, change think­ing pat­terns.

Turn­ing your cos­metic col­lec­tion from chem­i­cal to nat­u­ral is a long process. Chang­ing your diet, stress lev­els and life­styles is a big ball game. Pa­tience is re­quired on this life long jour­ney to pure health, so we do what we can while try­ing not to stress!

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