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Are you wor­ried about your stress?You should be. Stress kills! Re­searchers sug­gest that as much as 60-90% of ill­nesses are di­rectly caused by or ex­ac­er­bated by stress. Stress is re­lated to ma­jor ill­nesses such as heart dis­ease, high blood pres­sure, and di­a­betes. It can also cause back pain, headaches, tooth grind­ing, up­set stom­ach and di­ges­tive prob­lems, sleep loss and ex­haus­tion, skin prob­lems , un­healthy weight gain or loss, and of course, loss of sex drive. These are just the phys­i­cal symp­toms. Stress is linked to de­pres­sion, anx­i­ety, mood swings, con­fu­sion, rest­less­ness, ir­ri­tabil­ity, in­se­cu­rity, for­get­ful­ness, and a host of other neg­a­tive men­tal and be­hav­ioral symp­toms.We hear about good stress, bad stress. How do we know the dif­fer­ence? How does all of our stress ac­cu­mu­late? Stress is the body's re­ac­tion to any change that re­quires an ad­just­ment or re­sponse.The body re­acts to these changes with phys­i­cal, men­tal, and emo­tional re­sponses.What’s it do­ing to us?

With stress so clearly linked to our health, it is shock­ing to me that we don’t think about our own level of stress and do some­thing about low­er­ing it. Oh yes, we say “I am so stressed” but do we re­ally know what that means? The things that cause stress are called stres­sors. Do we know our own stres­sors? Are we aware of the feel­ing of stress on our own bod­ies? Have you ever felt sick to your stom­ach dur­ing a test? Have you had days when you were so loaded down with home­work that you had trou­ble sleep­ing? Have you ever been so wor­ried about some­thing that you ended up with a ter­ri­ble headache? If so, then you know what it's like to feel stress.

Stress is of­ten worn as a badge of ac­com­plish­ment in our so­ci­ety. It’s not enough that we com­pete to see who can do the most, but we com­pete to see who can han­dle the most stress do­ing it.With such an un­healthy at­ti­tude to­wards stress, it’s no won­der that stress-re­lated ill­nesses are so com­mon.

Cana­dian Men­tal Health As­so­ci­a­tion slo­gan in 2009 was, "Now more than ever, in­vest in your­self” The num­ber of Cana­di­ans re­port­ing stress has in­creased by 30 per cent since last year, the Cana­dian Men­tal Health As­so­ci­a­tion re­ported at the start of its 58th an­nual na­tional men­tal health week in 2009. Re­cent stud­ies show that it does not seem to be get­ting any bet­ter now in 2013.The econ­omy is down, jobs are be­ing lost, flu sea­son is here and it’s cold out­side


Stress is eat­ing at me ev­ery minute and sec­ond of the day, how do I cope with the hor­ri­ble ef­fects and make it go away?

I feel so tired and run down and I don't sleep, I lie in bed at night and won­der why it runs so deep.

Ev­ery­one asks why do you look so sad, do I tell them that my stress is eat­ing me up and that I feel re­ally bad?

Does ev­ery­one no­tice how I walk around in a daze, and that I have deep black bags un­der my eyes nowa­days.

I wake up ev­ery morn­ing feel­ing so hope­less, like noth­ing ever goes right and won­der­ing why my life has to be such a mess.

Stress is my one worst en­emy, it’s taken over my mind and my whole life in ev­ery sin­gle de­gree.

All too of­ten peo­ple feel what this poem is all about. I, as a health care pro­fes­sional, have wit­nessed the hor­ri­ble ef­fects of stress dur­ing my 30 plus years in hos­pi­tals and home­care. Over the next sev­eral weeks I will at­tempt to cover top­ics from the long list of stress re­lated ill­nesses in an at­tempt to un­der­stand them more. Send me your sto­ries, thoughts or com­ments. Maybe to­gether we can fight this thing called STRESS!

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