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As the Fall weather re­minds us all of what is on the way, en­thu­si­asm for the idea for Walk­ing and Run­ning out­doors of­ten wanes. A Tread­mill at home (or in the Gym) can be a great way to keep mov­ing as the weather de­te­ri­o­rates.

Where to start?

Walk - Run

For a run­ner: De­ter­mine the run­ning speed that you should be­gin the work­out with: Sub­tract (3.0 mph) 5 km/h from your max­i­mum speed goal. For ex­am­ple: If the fastest you can run for 60 sec­onds on the tread­mill is 13 km/h (8.0 mph), start your first train­ing in­ter­val at 8 km/h (5.0 mph). Plan on three blocks of in­ter­vals:

A) (Block One) Four In­ter­vals at 90 sec­onds

• One min. rest. Be­tween In­ter­vals (4 x)

• Two min. ac­tive rest at end of Block.

B) (Block Two) Four In­ter­vals at 60 sec­onds. • One min. rest. be­tween In­ter­vals (4 x)

• Two min. ac­tive rest at end of Block.

C) (Block Three) Four In­ter­vals at 30 sec­onds. • One min. rest. be­tween In­ter­vals (4)

• Two min. rest at end of Block.

Be­tween each In­ter­val you get one-minute of ac­tive rest (ei­ther walk or jog) and in be­tween each Block you will get two min­utes of ac­tive rest.

A way to vary the in­ten­sity is to ad­just the in­cline of the tread­mill.After train­ing for a while, you can be­gin to add an in­crease level of in­cline by small per­cent­ages (0.5-1.0) At first it is pru­dent to de­crease the speed as the in­cline in­creases. As you adapt to the changes in in­cline and speed, you will be com­fort­able in­creas­ing the in­cline and speed, one com­po­nent at a time.You should be­gin each pro­gres­sive block at the same speed that you fin­ished with at dur­ing your pre­vi­ous in­ter­val.

Run­ning is of course not for every­one, so keep in mind that the same run­ning pro­gram prin­ci­ples also ap­ply with slow & fast walk­ing.A Heart Rate Mon­i­tor as well as us­ing a R.P.E. (Rat­ing of Per­ceived Ex­er­tion) scale (0-10) can help you to de­ter­mine your ap­pro­pri­ate train­ing in­ten­sity: Ex­er­cis­ing within a rec­om­mended age pre­dicted heart rate range.

Ul­ti­mately you have the con­trol over your speed (level of in­ten­sity), so feel free to de­crease or in­crease your speed or Tread­mill el­e­va­tion as needed at any time. Don’t be dis­tracted dur­ing Tread­mill train­ing and en­joy the ben­e­fits! Re­mem­ber to be sure that you have a good pair of train­ing shoes and med­i­cal clear­ance prior to be­gin­ning a new ex­er­cise pro­gram.

A Fit­ness Pro can help you to get started on a Self-Di­rected Walk/Run ex­er­cise pro­gram the same way a pro­fes­sional travel agent can help guide you and help you plan your travel plans on your next va­ca­tion.

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