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A ses­sion about nat­u­ral ways to do self-care was held at the Moose Jaw Mu­seum & Art Gallery. Barb Frazer be­gan by shar­ing the ben­e­fits of nat­u­ral oc­cur­ring salt used to pu­rify the skin and to detox­ify the di­ges­tive sys­tem. It can elim­i­nate acne when prop­erly ad­min­is­tered. First, a hot cloth is placed on the face to open the pores. Then a paste made of pow­dered nat­u­ral salt and wa­ter is ap­plied. Af­ter let­ting the skin tighten for five min- utes, the salt is rinsed off and cold wa­ter on a cloth is used to close the pores. Barb then spoke about the ben­e­fits of mint. It can be used to open the si­nuses when a cold hits. It is also ben­e­fi­cial for in­creas­ing cir­cu­la­tion and refreshing when brewed into a tea. A lo­tion with mint, petroleum jelly, grape­seed oil and beeswax was melted to­gether and strained. The warm con­coc­tion is rubbed into the skin af­ter the feet are placed into a warm mint-in­fused foot bath. Th­ese spa-like treat­ments are in­ex­pen­sive and can be eas­ily done at home. Barb Frazer can be reached through the Moose Jaw Mu­seum & Art Gallery.

Cold wa­ter closes the pores af­ter a salt treat­ment.

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