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For more in­for­ma­tion on Mar­cus, Peter or other SCRAPS adopt­able Cats please con­tact us at 306/693-0718 or 306/684-9048. There is also a satel­lite adop­tion site at Pet Valu where there are typ­i­cally two or three kit­tens there that peo­ple can see and in­ter­act with. Ap­pli­ca­tions for adop­tion or foster are also avail­able at the store.


Hi I am Markus. I have a very deep meow that gets all the girls’ at­ten­tion. Well, my foster Mom’s any­way! I en­joy any kind of lov­ing. Belly rubs, cheek rubs, ear mas­sages and right there in front of my tail rubs. Temp­ta­tions be­fore bed are my fa­vorite...and catnip toys are a lot of fun. I’m pretty smart. I get fed on a top shelf, which I race up on a scratch post to get to as soon as its served.

I have a beau­ti­ful coat with four white feet and one paw has a cool mark on it. I re­ally like hang­ing out with my brother Peter.

Al­though Mar­cus is still only a beau­ti­ful 6 month old cougar-like male kit­ten, he is a big boy. Mar­cus is fully vac­ci­nated and neutered, healthy and ready for a home of his own.


Hi, my names’ Peter. I am very in­de­pen­dent and just learn­ing enough to trust enough to cud­dle. I saw my brother get­ting all that at­ten­tion and when he started purring I fig­ured I bet­ter give in.

I like my food and temp­ta­tions for bed­time is nummy. I re­ally like ly­ing on top of the cat tree and bat­ting the ball that hangs from it. I love tun­nels, got to have tun­nels to scram­ble through. Sprin­kled with catnip of course! Peter is a 6 month old kit­ten but like his brother a big kitty. He is fully vac­ci­nated and neutered, healthy and ready for a home of his own.

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